7th Generation “Kaby Lake” Processor Launched by Intel

Intel has released its 7th Gen desktop processor "Kaby Lake"


New year brought new innovations into the tech industry. As, CES 2017 has been going on, many companies have brought new ideas into reality. The biggest company in the industry, Intel has launched its 7th Gen desktop processor named “Kaby Lake“, a new addition to its Intel core family for high performance laptops and desktop PCs. Also the company has introduced new chip set for its LGA1151 CPU socket. The new CPUs incorporate the core i7-7700K, core i5-7600K. Both of them include and unlocked multipliers for overclocking also a raft of non-unlocked models.

Core i7-7700K is 25% more faster than core i7-4770K moreover this processor will be able to process 4K 360-degrees videos that is 35% faster than the 4-Gen i7-4770K claimed by Intel. The company has also surprise its enthusiast by introducing an unlocked core i3-7350K. This could be a good product in terms of budget system. This processor has more cache, higher clock speed and also have hyper-threading support. Intel’s Pentium G3285 only had two cores and two threads but this new core i3 is more better.


Intel launched Kaby Lake few months ago. This processor is only looked as an improvement to its predecessors. The Last generation Sky Lake has better graphics and it has size of 14nm but due to some issues Kaby Lake’s manufacturing process size has been shrink down from 14nm to 10nm. Intel has added hardware encoding and decoding for 10 bit HEVC  4K video and 8-10 bit V-P9 video into the launched series. CPU i7-7700K has a clock  speed of 4.2 GHz  with the price of $339. It will also have 630 graphics. Also the unlocked dual core i3 model, 7350K costs $168.

Kaby Lake is a very small improvement. Company has focused on optimizations to the existing structure which will eventually help with overclocking and also will allow the new CPUs to reach at the higher frequencies at the same voltage like its predecessors. Core i7-7700K does not provide more performance in games and in creating content but do provide 4K video as mentioned above. If you like to watch Netflix in 4K, then you will be needing a Kaby Lake CPU with Windows 10.

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