You can easily Add New Input Languages in Android Nougat 7.0 by just editing few of the settings in your android system to add up all new input languages by merely following the simple and easy guideline debated below.

Android’s New Version’s Distinctive Feature

Android has brought so many New Features And Functions In Nougat 7.0  although it doesn’t modify the basic working of the device. There is an addition of operations and security traits inside this version of Android that also tends to offer you the most safe and sound browsing and usage. Besides all of these features, the Android Nougat’s one such distinctive feature that the people will love is the ability to change the input language on the android system/device. Along with this feature, people can use the several languages on the same device by just adding up the preferred ones to the list from where it can be selected every time you want to modify the language.

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This was entirely about the feature but how can you apply it on your very system? You might be rambling through the options and settings on your android system to do that. So for the users who don’t know how to implement this multi-language usage feature on their Android Nougat, we have discussed the method in this piece of article. You just need to follow this article and read it to know about the manner!

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How to Add New Input Languages in Android Nougat 7.0

Beneath is the comprehensive detail through which you can simply add new input languages easily on your latest version of android that is 7.0.  So, in order to proceed, follow the below steps.

Steps to Add New Input Languages in Android Nougat 7.0

Step 1

Firstly, you have to add up the new language of which you desire to make use on your device, to do that you need to head on to the your device’s settings and then select up the option “Language & Input” from there. Underneath that option, you can choose up your languages by just tap on “Add a Language” option and then select up the desired language from the list.


Step 2

In order to change up the language on the Android Nougat 7, the keyboard layout will be in default language you have set up when you open up any of the messaging apps; you just need to select the language from the list that you could see from the above of the keyboard. To implement that just press on the language for long time from the list of the languages you added and then move it to the top.


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Step 3

For the removal of the language you added from the list, once more enter to the Language & Input settings on your android system and there at the upper corner of the screen you will see three dot menu, just tap on that. Just select up the option “Remove” from the menu that appears and then after that you will be able to delete your added languages from that list.

Now you know about the new feature of Android Nougat 7.0 i.e. the process to add up many languages and use them suitably whenever required. Now you are also familiar with the method of enabling this particular feature on your very device and hence you can enjoy the multiple languages on your device. The technique isn’t very hard as you have read from the above article and anyone can put it up within few seconds. Now it’s your turn to try it and use the multiple languages of your desire on your device, just go ahead and do that!

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