Apple has topped the list of world’s top smartphone manufacturer

Apple beats Samsung by becoming world's top smartphone manufacturer.


All the smartphone manufacturer companies have been battling over to double their market share by becoming the top manufacturers of smartphones in the world. While everyone is trying to reach at the top Apple has topped the list of world’s top smartphone manufacturers with double market share. We have been seeing lately that Samsung is been struggling over its smartphones which gave Apple the privilege to retaken the lead. According to Flurry, Apple is leading with 44% of the market share while Samsung has only got 21% rest of the companies like Huawei  with 3%, LG, Amazon, Oppo, Motorolla and Xiaomi only have market share of 2%.

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Flurry is a subsidiary of yahoo, it is a cell phone analytics as well as advertising company. It was established in 2005 by Sean Byrne. The surveys done by this company are totally based on analyzing the customers’s interaction with mobile applications and mobile usage. This company analyse 150 billion app sessions every month. It is reported that Apple doubled its market share during these winter holidays. The data was collected between December 19,2016 to December 25, 2016. During Christmas mobile phones and tablets were the most gifted items and people preferred to buy gadgets which came under the label of Apple. When ever Samsung Activates one device Apple activates two devices.

A year ago, Samsung was leading by selling its smartphones. Clearly this year is not a very fortunate one for Samsung as Apple took over its place. It is said that status is not always a quo; if you don’t not fix the problems specially in tech industry then it will only take one night to dropped you down from the title of the leader and that’s what actually happened to Samsung. Google’s name was not in the list as it only has two devices on its plate to compete with and these devices are not very much popular. More to it Google’s smartphones are only available in very few countries unlike the two renowned  brands Apple and Samsung. Not only smartphones or other gadgets there are also many other apps related to messaging, social, music, games, entertainment that have been downloaded during winter holidays.

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