“Hello Egg” a cooking assistant in your kitchen

Hello Egg is a cooking assistant with multiple features.


For those who do not know how to cook yet they have to cook for reasons or want to cook. Now do not have to watch cooking shows on TV or on YouTube because “Hello Egg” is now here to serve as a cooking assistant in your kitchen. Hello Egg is a voice-powered cooking assistant of an egg shaped gadget made by company RnD64. This gadget will keep an eye on what you are cooking and also guide you about the dishes you would like to cook through a small reflective screen. This small screen will show you videos, techniques as well as recipes over voice. It is true that you first have to see how the whole system of cooking works before cutting veggies without knowing any recipe. Now the question is why this gadget has a shape of an egg? Company’s vice president said that, they wanted to make this innovative product something that can entertain the users along with providing help. Here it is the first look of Hello Egg:


Cooking should be a fun task not the boring one and for this Hello Egg has many features like this assistant will play music, and also helps to manage what is going on with your pantry. CES always bring new wonders and this Hello Egg was also demonstrated this year at CES 2017. There are so many voice powered gadgets that are being introduced but this gadget has its own charm. The main and major difference is that it can reflect what ever is on to the surface on the little screen it has. The VP of the company said that Hello Egg’s Echo capabilities will continue to expand. So with this gadget now you do not have to flip your cell phone’s screen in search for recipes. Moreover this gadget will help to plan your weekly meals according to your preferences. Hello Egg organizes your shopping list and orders a produce delivery. This gadget will cost $120 for a basic version and for premium version it will cost $350.

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