Huawei in a race to beat Apple in next two years!

Huawei has initiative of beating apple in next two years with their innovation.


Huawei came to this technological world four years ago. It has became world’s third largest telecommunication company  in a very short span of time. Isn’t it amazing? A company based in China has gain its market share 9 percent in merely few years. We can say that now Huawei is the third smart phone maker after Apple and Samsung. Apple is on the second place having 12 percent of consumer market share. While, Samsung is leading the market with 20.1 percent of the total share.

Chief executive of Huawei stated his thoughts, “When they decided to sell cell phones, people asked them if they were crazy? and when they said that they wanted to sell 100 million cell phones, people again asked them if they were crazy?” apart from all the criticism you cannot stop big things from happening and in Huawei’s case big is such a small word. Huawei has initiative of beating Apple in next two years. Big guts though! According to their chief executive they want to beat Apple innovation-by-innovation and this is what they are doing.

Huawei has launched its new premium smart phone Mate 9. It is developed with a Porsche design. Interesting facts about this new premium smart phone are:

  • Built in artificial intelligence feature which automatically learn about it’s user’s habits. Basically, it smartly learn’s about how you use your phone.
  • Automatically arrange most frequent apps in such a way that they will be easy to reach.
  • Heavy usage of cell phone does not going to cost battery loss. Its battery lasts for two days and will be fully recharged only in 90 minutes.
  • Multi-dimensional microphones with noise cancellation and an improved user interface.

and the list goes on. So many features in one device a true example of smart phone. Talking about cost, it is of 1395 euros. Seems like we all have to find another way to get this phone instead of selling our “Kidneys”. Well agree or not Huawei is making haste slowly by gaining customers’ loyalty and trust.

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