The government of Pakistan has decided to introduce eco-friendly shopping bags in the country. The latest move is a way forward by the government to improve the quality of living standard of citizens.

Plastic bags are among the items that are not biodegradable. These bags are made of different chemicals which are mainly toxic. These chemicals are certainly very harmful to the human health as well as the environment.

The chemicals used to make plastic bags are xylene, ethylene oxide and benzene. These are poisonous chemicals that are sources of various diseases and disorder in humans. They not only put negative impacts on the heath of people and animals but also pollute the air making it harmful for the living organisms.

Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) took the responsibility to launch this environmental friendly shopping bags project in collaboration with four other partners.

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) is the first to go with eco-friendly shopping bags. Climate Change Division (CCD) of federal capital has not only instructed the big stores in ICT vicinity (few of them are already using such bags), but also small departmental stores which are directed to use the biodegradable shopping bags.

Biodegradable Bag
Many countries has banned non biodegradable plastic bags. Courtesy: ENSO Plastics

A meeting was held between Pak-EPA and Pakistan Business Council to discuss the future road-map for environmental friendly project. ICT and Capital Development Authority (CDA) have also been requested to share the eco-friendly shopping bags manufacturing details.

The initiative will not only help fight the intimidation of plastic shopping bags that poses a threat to humans as well as natural resources, but also to control the deforestation in the country.

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