In a bid to increase seat capitalization and to curb the corruption, Pakistan Railways has launched e-ticketing system in the country. Railways minister Khawaja Saad Rafique on Monday inaugurated Pakistan Railway’s own e-ticketing system. The launching ceremony was held at Railways’ Headquarters in Lahore. The CEO of Pakistan Railways Javed Anwer, GM Railways Anjum Pervez and other top officials from various Railways’ departments attended the ceremony.

Talking to the participants about the newly launched system, Fahad Rizwan – Director Information Technology, Pakistan Railways – said:

“Pakistan Railways and United Bank Limited (UBL) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to issue E-ticketing to people two months ago and the project has been completed within a stipulated period.”

Railways' e-ticketing service aims to modern the booking process and to attract more passengers.
Railways’ e-ticketing service aims to modernize the booking process and to attract more passengers.

Passengers will be able to book the tickets via internet and mobile phones using e-ticketing service. The payment can be made through credit cards, debit cards, mobile banking account, UBL Omni, Easypaisa or Mobicash. The customer will receive confirmation message with booking details including ticket number, coach number, seat number, identity card number and data of travel, once the full payment has been made.

Initially, the e-ticketing system has been introduced for Lahore to Rawalpindi rail cars and Islamabad to Karachi Green Line trains routes. But, it is expected to scale to other routes within next eight months, said Saad Rafique.

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