Parental control got easy by Luna Launcher (Android App)

Parental control on kid's phone usage got much easy with Luna Launcher.


Nowadays parents are facing  a lot of problems about their kids using cell phone too much and wasting a lot of time on these smart screens. On the other hand parents don’t have a check on the apps kids are using. They can’t control the content coming to these smart phones not appropriate for their kids. A parent who was facing the same problem came with idea of Luna Launcher an app that makes the “Parental Control “ way too easy for parents. Hoa Le from Vietnam have developed Luna Launcher with his fellow. This app has some incredible features making not only parental control easy but assisting kid in using smart phone. Some of the features are listed below:

1. Luna Launcher parent & kid mode

App allows the user to launch two modes of usage: Parental and Kid. For personal usage parent can remove all the restrictions from the device while for kid all other applications will not be accessible in kid’s mode. One can easily switch between modes.


2. Lock on parent mode

A security check has been applied on the parent mode. So that kid may not access the content, contacts or apps available for a mature user. To access parent modes that security pattern is a must.


3. Limit kids’ applications

Luna Launcher gives the user a facility to restrict kids apps. Parent can add some specific apps for the kids use better for kid’s entertainment and healthy use.


4. Luna Launcher time tracker

This app has a time tracker which keeps the record of time spent on using different apps. In this way parent can keep a check on their kids that how much time they spent on phone and is it healthy for them or not?


5. Luna Launcher kid’s facilitator

The app is not only about “parental control” but it  also facilitates kids in using smart phone. Parents can create shortcuts for kids use like Call Mom,Call Dad or any other daily activity. In this way kid can operate phone easily without getting into any hustle.


Now with the help of this app parental control is much easier and it will also make kids’smart phone use easy.

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