Sailfish OS has become the Russia’s Official Mobile Operating System

Why should Russians lag behind? Time to Move Faster than Fastest!


In recent times, the Sailfish Operating System of Finnish Company Jolla has been now approved as an official mobile Operating System by the government of Russian. Besides Russia, Finnish company Jolla is also debating alternative mobile OS potentials and opportunities in other nations as well.


Sailfish OS turns out to be Russia’s Official Mobile phone’s Operating System

In the recent months Russia has sought to unrestricted their selves from other countries software dependence. It’s merely a battle against Microsoft and the hunt for local elucidations, based on open solutions, has produced shake the relations with the United States.

But a new front-end is about to be unbolted, with the authorization of Sailfish OS as the only mobile Operating System that might be utilized by government units. This is how they can make themselves unrestricted from the tech giant Google’s mobile operating system Android.


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Sailfish OS’s creator was Jolla, who announced its huge step in Russia. This operating system is currently the only one who is certified to be utilized in the future project within the government and related entities.

Certification of Sailfish OS will permit the Russian government and government interventions to lessen their dependency on systems monitored by foreign countries, somewhat that Russia seek to eradicate. Sailfish OS is infact founded on open source Linux kernel and Jolla’s open source Mer Core UI and other 3rd party constituents and Sailfish OS are also quite friendly with Android OS, as it relishes a natural upper hand over other Android substitutes.

Henceforth, this main certification will put on for a new Russian version of Sailfish OS, which is being industrialized by the Russian company Jolla and OMP. These mechanisms have lasted for 18 months and outcome on par with the developments that are being produced in the original version of Sailfish OS, which is the foundation of what is being developed by OMP.

The readiness among Russia to free itself from external software takings another major step in which Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are now out of Russia’s selections, something that was intended earlier.

However, currently they do not have any plans to launch new devices for Jolla, but the fact is that in upcoming time in Russia they will develop new smartphones as well. After several projects which were less well achieved, the Jolla and its Sailfish OS could be a major revitalization in Russia. Apart from this big win in Russia, Jolla is also discussing alternative mobile OS possibilities in India, China and South Africa.

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