Samsung’s deteriorating reputation: Samsung recalls 2.8m washing machine after recalling Galaxy Note 7

Another downfall of renowned Samsung.

Samsung exploding washing machines

Recently Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. faced the downfall because of the explosions of its latest smart phone that is Galaxy Note 7. Many people lost their money and got severe injuries because of the explosions of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung was compelled to recall this latest smartphone as it was becoming dangerous for the users.

After it Samsung explosively launched its next potential product which was top-load washing machines. Unfortunately and ultimately it also  proved unlucky for this brand.

As per the report of  U.S Consumer product safety Commission, Samsung’s top-load washing machines vibrate in an abnormal manner (more than it should) during the use and its lid detaches from its frame suddenly. Such unanticipated moves has injured many people.

Almost Nine cases of such injuries are collected by a tech company in South Korea. These cases listed injuries as broken jaws of few people, some beard shoulder injury while other got related injuries.

Similarly, 700+ complaints were collected by the Samsung which included abnormal vibration pattern of top-load washing machine. and probably same number was estimated of those machines that detached its lid from the frame during spin.

The top-load washing machines are 34 in number, that were made during 2011 and 2016, these models cost about $500-$1500. Such machines are also included in this recall.

Samsung presented its excuse and said that the top-load washing machines’ lid detaches from its chassis when the speed of its spin is set to highest in order to wash heavy item, or the item which are water resistant or some other bulky bedding stuff. Otherwise machines work well normally, added the Samsung.

On this statement many of the consumers belonged to U.S sued Samsung by saying their machines also exploded even in the normal use. They just don’t explode with bulky item but also with normal light items.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. which is renowned for the manufacturing of world’s best smartphones, has made the products which have exploded badly and also injured many of its users.

In the early September, Samsung announced the recall of it Galaxy Note 7 following the complaints of its explosions. Now It is forced to recall its another explosive new product that is top-load washing machines, and this recall includes 2.8 Million washing machines due to the safety concerns.

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