Whenever we talk about system’s security “Biometrics Verification” comes in our mind as the most safest way of securing our systems. Because biometric verification allows user to set him/his biological feature through which they can be uniquely identified.

Those biological features may include iris, retina, voice waves, hand geometry, finger prints, DNA, earlobe geometry, and signatures. Every person has different biological features which can never be similar to any other person. This is the reason people get a sense of security with biometric verification.

But recently, a German researcher Jan Krissler (aka Starbug), a renowned hacker, has proved that biometric verification is no more an authentic weapon for security. He has claimed that he can rupture Apple’s Touch ID, also he can recreate the finger prints of Ursula Von Der Leyen – German’s Defense Minister.

Initially Krissler showed that he could get access to the owner’s fingerprints through the surface of glass or from smartphone’s own screen. But later he proved that he can breach such locks even without any physical access.

With the selfie image of owner, Krissler can decode the smartphone’s PIN code.

At Biometric 2015 conference in London, Krissler and his some peers presented that, from the eye whites of the owner’s selfie they have extorted the reflection of smarphone’s display. And then in order to extract owner’s PIN code, they have used an ultra high resolution image technical procedure.

Along with it, they also elaborated the high resolution camera working and common laser printer usage to identify and recreate the biological feature and thus revealed the extraction of the reflection from selfie of owner’s eye white.

Moreover, Krissler stated that same technique was used by him and his team to extract Angela Markel’s ( German Chancellor) iris information. And they got Chancellor’s iris information through his picture captured at a press conference.


The picture was printed on the contact lenses and thus this technique was used to breach biometric authentication.

Krissler stated that “Everything is Spoofable”, as earlier he stated the procedure of making finger prints dummy in order to breach Apple’s Touch ID sensors. It is done by print scanner to make a mould.

He revealed the technique that he has used to rupture the biometric authentication of German Defense Minister. He described the usage of DSLR to take finger prints with 200ml lens which can be reproduced from a distance.

Krissler argued that the liveness of any picture sometimes is more than enough, “I can spoof any kind of finger print sensor in just two hours”.

He further added that current biometric technology is fragile and it need to be revised, as it is the future of biometric authetication.

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Ramsha Khan

Ramsha is a freelance writer, lives in Lahore, Pakistan.


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