Telenor to close its service and support centers across the Country

Telenor has planned to shut down its service and support centers across Pakistan.


Telenor is Pakistan’s renowned telecommunication Company by Norwegian Telenor Group. This company provides voice, data content and mobile communication services in 13 markets across Europe, Asia and also to 17 more markets through its ownership at VimpelCom Ltd. On estimation, it is found out that the company has more than 166 million subscriptions and also have a workforce of 33,000. Now that Telenor is very successful, It has announced to shut down its  service and support centers across Pakistan. Unfortunately with this shut down all the employees that have been working there will lose their jobs.

According to sources, Company has planned to shut down 17 company owned service centers. Eventually, customers will have to go to 289 franchises to get service and support. There are 200 employees that are going to be affected by this process. Telenor has planned to provide necessary equipment to these franchises. So that its customers do not have to suffer and they can get support easily and to ensure there is no vacuum created by the absence of service centers. For the employees company has announced a payout as compensation to this shut down which will be ( gross salaries x number of years in employment x 0.5). This will also include medical allowances with additional annual bonus (2.25 salaries) and gratuity for employees who are eligible under the company’s terms and policy.

Company wants the process of this shut down to be smooth and free of chaos that is the reason company is offering as much as compensation as it could to ensure that its employees do not create any fuss. The reason behind this shut down is that company thinks now customers are very well-aware and self-reliant. They can easily use company’s online portals and Helplines to resolve any problems or queries related to after sales service and support. Telenor has saved its expenses by closing these centers but it will be very difficult for the employees to find an other job when there are already many people who are unemployed and looking for job.

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Amna Maqsood