YouTube allows monetization in Pakistan

Google's owned popular video sharing platform has enabled monetization for Pakistani video creators.

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Popular video uploading and sharing platform, YouTube, has formally launched its monetization program for Pakistan video creators.

Google’s owned video website has included Pakistan in markets where YouTube video creators can monetize their original copyrighted contents.

YouTube only offers monetization option in selected markets. In past, Pakistan was not in the list of countries allowed to monetize the videos on YouTube. With this latest development, now any Pakistani video creator can join Google’s YouTube monetization platform and starts earning good amount of money by just uploading quality contents on YouTube.

It is important to mention that YouTube has planned launch event in Pakistan, where Google will offer incentive for Pakistani video creators in order to get their attention.

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YouTube has very strict copyrights policy and they have in place an  algorithm to detect any kind of copyrights violation. YouTube also mentioned in monetization terms that it will only allow to monetize original contents, filtering out fake or copyrighted videos.

Fake videos monetization can lead to termination of the user’s YouTube account as per the terms of usage suggested.

In order to monetize your videos, you must have a Google AdSense account or you will be able to apply for a new one. Google is actively trying to integrate its services in Pakistani market, the chances of accepting AdSense application are fair.

Once you are able to get an AdSense account, follow the following steps to activate YouTube monetization for your videos.

  • Login to your YouTube account
  • On the right top, click on your profile icon and open Creator Studio
  • Click Channel -> Status and then Features on the left hand side
  • Enable first card that says “Monetization”
  • Accept terms and conditions by following the wizard
  • Connect your AdSense account with YouTube
  • You’re done! Congratulations

You’re good to go with YouTube monetization until you do not violate the terms of usage. If you will get involved in any such activity, YouTube may disable monetization for your channel or even you may lose your AdSense account permanently.

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