ThemeForest is a marketplace where you can buy and sell HTML templates, WordPress themes, Joomla themes, and Drupal themes. It is a community filled with 321,357 members filled with buyers, designers and developers. This is a great site to look for themes for your website or sell your designs to a huge audience.

If you are setting up a new site, you’ll probably be looking to save some money on designs. If you want some great designs to use whether it is for HTML, Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal, ThemeForest is the perfect place to look. The site has tons of templates available for all the popular CMS platforms and the prices start at $5.


At this Cyber Monday, Envato (the company that owns ThemeForest) is offering 50% discount on not only ThemeForest selected products, but also on codes and plugins, video and stock footage, audio & sound as well as graphic templates.

The offer is available from 2pm Nov 23 to 2pm Dec 1 2016 AEST and following are the products which you can buy from Envato Market at 50% discount:

1. Website Templates & Themes

Website templates and themes are the core part of Envato business that are available under ThemeForest.net brand. During this sale they are offering 100+ beautiful templates for all your website needs. Whatever your project you want to launch, get a new template for 50% off. The templates are from following categories:

Buy New Website Template at 50% Discount

2. Code & Plugins

You can also buy useful code snippets and plugins at 50% discounted price from Envato Market during this Cyber Monday sale. It is a perfect time to increase your site functionality at 50% off using quality code and plugins from Envato‘s community of developers. Following types of code snippets and plugins are  qualified for this discount:

Buy New Code Snippet and Plugin at 50% Discount

3. Video & Stock Footage

Create high end video productions with 50% off a range of quality video files and effects from Envato’s Community of developers. Choose your favorite video or stock footage from AE Project Files, Apple Motion, Motion Graphics, Stock Footage, C4D Project Files & other add-ons. Click here to buy Video and Stock Footage at 50% off price.

4. Audio & Sound

Looking for awesome audio or sound files to incorporate in your upcoming project? Envato’s Cyber Monday Discount covers it as well. Create your sound for 50% off. Choose from professional tracks & sounds from Envato’s community of musicians and sound engineers. Click here to buy your favorite Audio & Sound at 50% cheap rate.

5. Graphic Templates

Build your design toolkit with 50% off a range of graphic assets, all hand selected by Envato’s team for you. Click here to buy Graphic Templates at 50% less.

How to Find Perfect Template or Plugin at ThemeForest?

You can start by searching for categories. The categories that are available are Joomla, WordPress, PSD templates, site templates, email templates, and others (such as MySpace, Drupal, Typepad, and more). You can also search between different industries such as business, marketing, photography, art, travel, shopping, electronics, and more.

If you want to know what files are being bought, you can look at the weekly top sellers for ideas. If you happen to find a user that has similar needs and tastes as you, you can access the collections section to see a list of what they recommend. You can also look through the featured files (picked by the site editors) and view the top authors to see what they are selling.

To get started with ThemeForest, you can sign up and deposit cash into your account. The minimum deposit is $20 and the maximum is $100. You’ll notice that the designs have different licenses. The regular license will allow you to use what you bought for yourself or for your clients. The extended license will allow you to package your purchase into something else that you sell (this does not give you resell rights). After you make a purchase, the item will be available in the download area.

Want to sell at ThemeForest?

If you want to sell something in the marketplace, you can start out by taking the author quiz. Once you pass, you can start selling in the marketplace. For every item you sell, you will receive 40% to 70% of the sale depending on the sales volume. If you are not selling exclusively in ThemeForest, you get a reduced percentage of each sale in the community.

Need Hosting?

Don’t have hosting to host your website? Don’t worry, there are plenty of hosting providers that offer cheap hosting at Black Friday & Cyber Monday too. Browse our collection of top Black Friday and Cyber Monday web hosting deals 2016.

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