88% Discount: Top Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hosting Deals (2019 Edition)

The best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals in 2018, hand-picked from BlueHost and a dozen others! See a complete list of Cyber Monday Offers & Coupons!


Editor’s Recommended Hosts 2019

Our Top 3 Recommended Hosts


[boombox_one_third][boombox_thumbnail style=”border”]


(Starts at $2.65/mo, free domain, free website builder, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, a blissfully simple cPanel)

[boombox_button tag_type=”a” type=”warning” url=”https://lhe.io/go/bluehost/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]Get 70% OFF[/boombox_button]

#1 for Multisite WordPress Hosting

[/boombox_thumbnail][/boombox_one_third][boombox_one_third][boombox_thumbnail style=”border”]


(Starts at $2.40/mo, free Domain & SSD storage, free site transfer & CloudFlare CDN, managed WordPress hosting & quick customer support)

[boombox_button tag_type=”a” type=”info” url=”https://lhe.io/go/siteground/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]Get 70% OFF[/boombox_button]

#1 for WordPress Bloggers

[/boombox_thumbnail] [/boombox_one_third][boombox_one_third][boombox_thumbnail style=”border”]


(Starts at $1.74/mo, 100% uptime, daily backups, free site migration, global CDN & SSL certificates, optimized for WordPress & quick support)

[boombox_button tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/hostgator/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]Get 75% OFF[/boombox_button]

#1 for Managed WordPress Hosting


Hot Deals Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019!


1. Bluehost: 70% OFF starting at $2.65/month Shared Hosting with FREE Domain & Free Website Builder! Over 2 MILLION websites being hosted worldwide, 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, a blissfully simple cPanel, a great range of options to suit users of all stripes, and very cost-competitive options, Bluehost is the ultimate host for you!

2. SiteGround: 70% OFF on all annual web hosting plans — Starting at just $2.40/month with FREE SSD storage, FREE site transfer & CloudFlare CDN, 100% uptime, FREE ‘Auto’ managed WordPress hosting & 24/7 super-fast customer support, SiteGround deal is the #1 hosting deal this Cyber Monday for bloggers!


Top Deal Right Now! Bluehost 60% Off Black Friday Sale!


3. InMotion Hosting: 65% OFF starting at $2.95 Business/Shared Hosting + FREE Domain! Year lowest price

4. A2 Hosting: 67% Off Shared Hosting – $2.64/mo (Code: BFCM67)/ 40% Off Reseller (Code: Resell40) / 50% Off VPS (Code: MANVPS50) / 25% Sprint Dedicated Server (Code: SPRINT25)

5. HostGator75% OFF all new Hosting starting at 1.74/month

6. A Small Orange: 85% off ALL new plans and 2x VPS Memory! Starting at $0.75/mo shared hosting

Happy Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019! It’s Time For Cyber Savings!

If there is something that is more enjoyable for bloggers, freelancers and the companies during the year, it must be Black Friday and Cyber Monday hosting deals sale. Traditionally, the weekend that starts with Black Friday and then Saturday, Sunday and Cyber Monday, offer the biggest hosting discounts.

This year deals are no exception. You can expect the same type of discounts with even better values. Following table lists all the web hosting deals available on this Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Keep in mind — we’ll be updating this table regularly as soon as we receive new Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals announcements.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals 2019
 Web Hosting Deals Coupon Codes Discount Details Start Date  End Date Action
bluehost-small  (Promo code not required) Shared web hosting over 60% Off – $2.65/month!

(Order Now)

 23-Nov-2018 29-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/bluehost/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
siteground-small  (Promo code not required) 70% OFF on all annual web hosting plans

(Order Now)

 23-N0v-2018 26-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/siteground/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
hostgator-small BF2018 (Black Friday)/ CW2018 (Saturday & Sunday)/  CM2018 (Cyber Monday) / TUE2018 (Cyber Tuesday) 65% – 75% OFF all new Hosting & $5.99 .com & .net domains

(Flash Sale is Now Live! Order Now & Save up to 75%)

 23-Nov-2018  26-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/hostgator/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 inmotion-small  (Link activation) $2.95/mo for upto 3 years plan starting from Cyber Monday & onward

(Order Now)

 Now  01-Dec-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/inmotionhosting/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
asmallorange-small  EPIC 85% off ALL new plans and 2x VPS Memory. Starts at $0.75/mo shared hosting

(Order Now)

23-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/asmallorange/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
a2hosting-small  BFCM67 / Resell40 / MANVPS50 / SPRINT25 67% Off Shared Hosting / 40% Off Reseller / 50% Off VPS / 25% Sprint Dedicated Server (Cyber Monday only)

(Order Now)

 23-Nov-2018 02-Dec-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/a2hosting/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
dreamhost-logo  (Link activation)  50% Off annual shared hosting plans / $50 exclusive discount for Lhe.io visitors (checkout below)

(Order Now)

 24-Nov-2018  27-Nov-2018   [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/dreamhost/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
ehost-small (Link activation) 50% Off all shared hosting plans – $2.75/mo

(Order Now)

Now  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/ehost/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 godaddy-small  (Link activation) $1/mo WordPress Hosting /
$0.99/yr  .com domains /
Builder, Domain & Email at $1/mo(Order Now)
 Now   [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/godaddy-hosting/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
ipage-small  (Promo code not required)  83% OFF Shared hosting starts at $1.99/month

(Order Now)

 Now  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/ipage/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 fatcow-small  (Link Activation) 60% OFF shared hosting $3.15/mo

(Order Now)

Now   [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/fatcow/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 hostpapa-small  (Link activation) $1.95/mo hosting with Free Domain, $300 in ad credits

(Order Now)

23-Nov-2018 29-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/hostpapa/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 greengeeks-small  (Link activation) 60% OFF shared hosting $3.95/mo

(Order Now)

 Now   [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/greengeeks/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 ipower-logo  (Link activation) 60% OFF Shared hosting $3.25/mo

(Order Now)

Now  —   [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/ipower/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 justhost-small  (Link activation) Shared hosting starts at $2.95/mo + $200 ad credits

(Order Now)

 23-Nov-2018  01-Dec-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/justhost/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 getflywheel-small  BLACKFLYDAY18  25% off on all annual hosting plans

(Order Now)

 23-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/flywheel/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 1and1-small  (Link activation) 88% OFF $0.99/mo shared web hosting

(Order Now)

Now  —  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/1and1/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
rosehosting-small BFCM50 Lifetime 50% discount on all Linux VPS hosting plans (first 100 orders) / 25% Off for subsequent sale

(Order Now)

Now 05-Dec-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/rosehosting/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 webhostinghub-small  (Promo code not required) Up to 55% Off website hosting

(Order Now)

Now  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/webhostinghub/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 webhostingpad-small  (Link activation) $1.99 shared hosting plans

(Order Now)

Now   [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/webhostingpad/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 interserver-small  (Link activation) 50% discount on all shared hosting

(Order Now)

Now   [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/interserver/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 wpengine-small  WPEBF30 30% OFF the first payment on shared plans 23-Nov-2018 29-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/wpengine/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 webhostingbuzz-small  BLACKFRIDAY2018 / BF18VPS  50% off on all annual shared hosting plans / 50% off on first two months for VPS hosting

(Order Now)

 23-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/webhostingbuzz/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 cloudways-small HOLIDAY25 25% OFF Cloud Hosting for 3 Months

(Order Now)

 Now 30-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/cloudways/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 namecheap-small (Link activation) Up to 98% off domain registration, hosting, and SSL certificates.

(Order Now)

 23-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/namecheap/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
 mediatemple-small CYBER2018 40% Off on Annual Media Temple following hosting Plans: WordPress Personal and WordPress Studio, Grid Personal and Grid Pro, DV Developer Levels 1 & 2 & DV Managed Levels 1 & 2

(Order Now)

 26-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/media-temple-cyber-monday/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]
domain-com-small (Link activation) 50% off annual hosting plans and 20% lifetime discount / $1.99 .com unlimited domains

(also works at Dotster.com & MyDomian.com)

23-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018  [boombox_button size=”small” tag_type=”a” type=”success” url=”https://lhe.io/go/domain-com/” target=”blank”  class=’btn-offer’]View Deal[/boombox_button]

Pro Tips to Save Money on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounted Price is a one-time offer that is only applicable on new hosting plans. You won’t get any discount on renewal. So it’s better to buy hosting for longer period.
  • Some of the web hosts offer special hours discount during Black Friday & Cyber Monday like HostGator that can go up to 80%. Try to find those special hours (Check out HostGator special hours here).
  • Don’t buy domain name from the web host if it doesn’t offer a free domain. Rather buy domain name from GoDaddy, Domain.com or NameCheap. This way you can save $7 to $14.
  • All almost all hosting companies run Black Friday offers on next Saturday & Sunday. Don’t dishearten if you miss the deal on Black Friday. You can still buy it on next days.
  • Act fast! Don’t wait for last minute to order the deal. If you’ve decided what to buy, then go ahead and  grab it.
FTC Disclosure

Lhe.io is affiliated with some of the web hosts listed above. This means we will receive a commission fee if you purchase using our links. This costs you nothing extra — in fact in most cases you are going to save more thanks to our special deals with the hosting companies.

Why You Should Buy via Our Referral Link?

Well, You are not bound to buy the hosting of your choice using our referral link. But since we are partnered with these hosting companies, so they do offer exclusive discounts to customers coming through our website. For example, if you visit the hosting company directly, they will show you price $3.95 (let’s suppose), but if you visit through our referral link, you may notice the price has dropped to $2.95 for example. Moreover, it also helps us to maintain the website and to bring more interesting discounts and offers for you in future.

Let’s get started! It’s a time to buy and save big!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to buy top hosting deals at insanely low prices. From low prices on hosting from top hosts and cheap domain registration to add-on services discounts like SSL certificate, web design, logo design, and plugins, what else do you need to launch your blog?

It is a great time to take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday huge hosting discounts to buy web hosting plans at cheap rates as well as recommend these deals to your friends. It doesn’t matter whether they are freelancers, bloggers, run their own small to medium scale business, or just looking to get started building their own web presence, Black Friday is the best time of year to start a blog or website at affordable prices. I’m continuous monitoring the hosting deals since long time and have made a list of some of my favorite hosts and what discounts they’ll offer this year. I’ll be shopping some hosting plans for my upcoming projects.

Editor’s Deal of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

Bluehost Over 70% Off Web Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

If there is one name you know in the world of web hosting, it’s probably Bluehost. Founded in 1996, Bluehost is known for low-cost shared hosting plans, plus WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated, and reseller options — plus domain registrations. It is the #1 WordPress host recommended by WordPress.org!

Like last year, Bluehost won’t let us down on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Bluehost will be offering a 60% discount on any hosting package. Starting Friday, November 23th at 12 am MT, Bluehost will offer their hosting services for as low as $3.25/month that will be further priced down on Cyber Monday as low as $2.75/month.

Updated: Bluehost Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal is live now! The company is offering over 70% Off on shared web hosting plans starting from just $2.65 per month. The offer also includes FREE domain & FREE website builder along with all hosting necessary features. Check out more!

Bluehost’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal will comes with following freebies:

  • Free domain registration or transfer
  • Fre site builder with hundreds of templates
  • Free $100 advertisement credit for Google Adwords
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • WordPress integration

Plus, you can expect following:

With over 2 MILLION websites being hosted worldwide, 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, a blissfully simple cPanel, a great range of options to suit users of all stripes, and very cost-competitive plans, Bluehost is the certainly one of the best hosts!

Bluehost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discount | Bluehost Review

70% Off SiteGround Web Hosting Plans


SiteGround is one of the best web hosting company based on “Philosophy of Handcraft”, that essentially means that it crafts high-quality, customized services to meet each client’s individual needs. In other words, the company chooses the hardware, server architecture, and software based on the needs of the client.

SiteGround’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer is seriously impressive. They are offering flat 70% off their shared web hosting packages annual plans with a free domain name. Starting at $2.95 a month, with no hidden fees, this is an extremely affordable deal.

SiteGround’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will be start on Black Friday for 24 hours. It will then be extended for the whole weekend following Black Friday. They will then start 24 hours Cyber Monday sale.

Sale Start: Friday, November 23, 2018 at 3:00 A.M. EST

Sale End: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 3:00 A.M. EST

With just SiteGround’s StartUp plan, you get the following features:

  • Free ‘.com’ domain
  • 24/7 top customer support
  • Almost 100% uptime (99.99%)
  • Unlimited bandwidth and MySQL DB
  • Free SSD storage, SSL and HTTP/2
  • Free website builder and daily backup
  • Free site transfer & CloudFlare CDN
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • ‘Auto’ managed WordPress hosting on all plans
  • Easy e-commerce installations for beginners
  • Click here to see the complete list of features

There is every reason to choose SiteGround hosting that offers a great array of security features, best customer support, and almost 100% uptime. They have data-centers across United States, Europe and Asia and lets customers choose their server location. Learn more about SiteGround Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale.

Get SiteGround 70% Off Web Hosting  Black Friday Deal | SiteGround Review

65% – 75% Off HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting


Over 950,000 websites being hosted worldwide, 100% uptime, quickest customer support, free website migration & daily backups, unlimited bandwidth and free advertisement credits, HostGator Managed WordPress hosting is perfect places to host your WordPress website.

Wither their basic Hatchling plan, you can enjoy the following features:

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Free website migration
  • Daily backups, automatic malware removal , global CDN & SSL certificate
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Highly optimized WordPress servers
  • Unlimited traffic, emails
  • Free advertising credits

As a blogger or webmaster, you can buy hosting services from HostGator for as low as $1.74/month. Customers can take benefit of a number of discount offers from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday & Cyber Tuesday. HostGator sales will start on Friday, November 23 at 12 a.m. CST, and run until Tuesday, November 27, at 11:59 p.m. CST. HostGator will be featuring 65% off all new hosting packages for the entire five days, and they will also be running some super-saving Flash Sales for up to 75% off throughout the entire duration. Following are the coupon codes:

  • BF2018 (Black Friday)
  • CW2018 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • CM2018 (Cyber Monday)
  • TUE2018 (Cyber Tuesday)

Be sure to check out all of the other HostGator Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flash Deals!

Get HostGator Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal up to 75% OFF | HostGator Review

A2 Hosting 67% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday


A2 Hosting is no doubt one of the top web hosting companies and my personal favorite. If you truly care about performance and speed, then A2 Hosting is the host for you! Ever heard about Trubo Server? It’s A2 Hosting’s premium solution for speed and performance.

Here is what Turbo Servers are:

  • More Resources Per User
  • Fewer Users Per Server
  • A2 Optimized – Powered By APC/OPcache & Turbo Cache
  • Uses less CPU and memory than Apache
  • Handles connections faster and more efficiently
  • Provides enhanced stability

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday, they are offering some great deals of up to 67% Off on shared hosting, managed VPS hosting and reseller hosting plans. It is once in a year opportunity to buy up to 20x faster Turbo hosting plan at cheap rates. To get deals simple enter these coupon codes while checking out (will run between 23-Nov-2018 and 01-Dec-2018):

  • 67% Off Shared Website Hosting: BFCM67
  • 40% Off Reseller hosting: Resell40
  • 50% Off Managed & Core VPS Hosting: MANVPS50
  • 25% Off Sprint Dedicated Server (Unmanaged, Managed & Core): SPRINT25 (Only available on Cyber Monday)

A2 Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday best discount is certainly on the dedicated server hosting. Starting normally at $99.59 per month, it offers following features:

  • Root Access
  • Optional cPanel License
  • 2×500 GB Storage
  • 10 TB Transfer
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 Cores
  • View all features

With Cyber Monday 25% Off with coupon code SPRINT25, you can get it at much lower price. Their sale will end on 2nd of December midnight, so hurry up and grab these deals before they’re no more.

Activate A2 Hosting Black Friday Up To 67% Sale

iPage 83% Off Shared Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal


iPage is a decent hosting company that was launched in 1998. If you are a type of guy who loves playing with 3rd party applications, then look no further, iPage is perfect for you! They have on-click installation for a large number of applications, blogs, photo galleries, and forums etc. On top of that, they offer customer support for all their applications in case you ever get stuck. iPage is also a perfect hosting service for businesses as they offer advanced website building tools, a range of e-commerce features, and good customer support.

iPage Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale is already live and you can save up to 80% on shared hosting. This is one of the best web hosting deals this Black Friday. You can expect following features for just $1.99 per month:

  • Registration of a domain for free
  • Hosting of unlimited domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email accounts
  • $175 worth of advertising credit
  • $100 worth of security software and $500 of extras
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 toll-free America-based phone and live-chat support
  • Click here to see the complete list of features

Convinced? Click here to get this exclusive deal from iPage

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting $1/month Black Friday Sale


If you want to build a strong online presence, GoDaddy has everything you need to get started either it is domain, hosting, SSL, or website builder. Since debuting in 1999, GoDaddy has become the largest domain-name registrar and web hosting provider in the world. To date, it has more than 13 million customers and manages more than 60 million domains.

This year, GoDaddy’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday offerings include:

  • WordPress hosting for $1/month
  • Domain registration for $0.99 with the coupon code: “DB99CENT” or “cjcfw99”
  • 33% off all new product orders with the coupon code: “cjcfw99”
  • 25% of standard SSL certification with the coupon code: “cjcfw25”

$1/month WordPress hosting? Yes, it is true. You can get web hosting for a year at GoDaddy for as low as $12/year. That’s only available if you pay annually. It is a great opportunity for bloggers who just want to kick off their online presence. GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting offer following features at minimum:

GoDaddy will also be offering special limited time partner pop-up deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, so keep checking their website routinely throughout the weekend for coupons for add-ons and other feature services. GoDaddy offers will expire on 1st December at midnight.

Click here for GoDaddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

Inmotion Hosting 56% Off on Business Hosting Plans


Inmotion Hosting is my personal favorite after A2 Hosting when it comes for speed and quality. That’s where I am currently hosting this website (Lhe.io) as well as many other WordPress blogs. I considers them serious WordPress & Business hosting players who are very impressive so far.

InMotion Hosting is perfect for startups and small businesses. Seriously, they’ve a lot to offer even in their  startup plans. They are famous for reliable and fast uptime, easy-to-use website building software, e-commerce focused dozens of addons, top notch support via phone, email, Skype, and live chat, and up to $250 Google  & Bing ad credits. What else you need to get started?

This year, on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, InMotion Hosting will offer up to 56% discount on their business and WordPress hosting plans. No promo code or coupon code is required.

Updated Cyber Monday Deal:

Just received official response from InMotion Hosting.They  will be offering $2.95/mo front facing price for 3 years plan. This deal will be available Cyber Monday the 26th to 1st December. It is not a bad deal keeping in mind the superb services they offer. Don’t hesitate and buy 3 years deal at cheap rate from InMotion Hosting and you won’t be disappointed.

InMotion Hostng Cyber Week deals starting Monday November 26th, 2018. Deals will be active on the InMotion Hosting website from 12:01 AM PT, November, 26th to 11:59 PM PT, December, 2nd.  Here are the deals being promoted:

  • Business/Shared Hosting. Plans starting as low as $2.95/mo. Lowest prices of the year!
  • VPS Hosting. Announcing upgraded plans with more storage, more bandwidth and more IP addresses. Best value VPS in the market!
  • Reseller Hosting. Our most popular plan R-2000S, starting at a low price of $13.99/mo.
  • Dedicated Servers
    • Buy More, Save More. Purchase 2+ Servers This Week & Save at-least $480/yr For the LIFE of the Account!
    • OR Get 1TB Local Backup HDD included free with all Essential & Advanced Servers or a free 2TB HDD with all Elite Servers.

InMotion Hosting business hosting packages start at $5.95 and it includes the following:

  • Free SSD Drives (Only 2nd company to offer after SiteGround)
  • Free domain name registration and transfer
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free data backups
  • Free 1-Click Installer
  • Free website builder
  • Supports multiple languages (PHP, Ruby, MySql, PostgreSQL)
  • Max Speed Zone (Allows you to choose data center that best suits your customers location)
  • 90-Day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer suppport
  • $250 advertisement credits for Google and Bing (only for USA customers)
  • Click here to view complete list of features

InMotion is top rated for website transfer & customer support and satisfaction. They are the industry leader to offer highest satisfaction guaranteed.

InMotion Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales provide a great opportunity to grab their hosting plan at very cheap rates. I must say, they won’t let you down.

Get InMotion Hosting 56% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

eHost 50% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale


eHost is not a new name in web hosting industry as they are around since 1999. They were not very good in the past but after relaunching their hosting platform last year, they have showed promising improvements.

They are very famous among small businesses because of their quick speed, reliable uptime, WordPress hosting and integration, and e-commerce focused addons. If you own a small business or want to setup your online presence, I highly recommend checking their services. They offer a very economical web hosting startup plan that is faster and reliable.

eHost discounted sale is live now and will run until midnight of Cyber Monday. They company is offering 50% discount on web hosting plans along with a free domain name and $300 advertisement credits.

Some of the important features of eHost’s web hosting plan includes:

  • Free domain name
  • Free email address
  • Unlimited disk-space & bandwidth
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Drag & drop site builder along with over 1000 templates
  • Up to $300 ad credits and marketing tools.
  • Free 1GB cloud data storage
  • Unlimited domain names
  • Click for complete list of features

eHost hosting plans start as low as $5.50 per month and with 50% flat discount, it is just $2.75 per month that is a fantastic deal in my opinion. Their plans are fair and they don’t have any contract or hidden fees.

Get eHost 50% Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

FatCow 60% Off on Black Friday & Cyber Monday


FatCow is another decent hosting option that literally offers “Unlimited Everything” — whether it is disk-space, bandwidth, email accounts, number of domain hosted, or MySQL databases.

They are definitely one of the best, most affordable website hosting companies in the industry. If you are a type of guy who loves managing many blogs at the same time, or an agency that needs unlimited website hosting for their clients and demo testing, FatCow is the host for you!

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday, FatCow is offering flat 60% discount on their shared web hosting packages. Their web hosting plan starts at $8.95 per month, and with this Black Friday sale, you can expect to save a lot of money.

FatCow’s basic hosting plan includes following:

  • Free domain name & transfer
  • 1GB FREE cloud storage
  • $200 Google Adwords and Bing ad credits
  • Unlimited disk-space & Bandwidth
  • Unlimited POP mailboxes & MySql databases
  • Unlimited domain hosted
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free website builder & e-commerce addons
  • Click here to see the complete list of features

They are specialized in hosing small to medium sized business websites. FatCow is owned by Endurance International Group that also owns Bluehost & HostGator, so you can expect good services at least.

Get FatCow 60% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

HostPapa $1.95/month with $300 Free Credit Black Friday Sale


HostPapa is truly for beginners who want to build a great website. They make it a breeze with tons of free helpful step-by-step guides and extremely affordable server addons. Plus, you can expect unlimited monthly data transfer for all plans, so you can scale up easily.

HostPapa has launched a massive sale for new customers on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday, with web hosting deals starting as low as $1.95/month along with $300 in extras.

Along with Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount, HostPapa’s offer also includes:

  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited websites hosted
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Free domain name registration or transfer
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
  • Money-back & 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Click here for complete list of features

If you purchase web hosting from HostPapa during this sale period, you are also entitled for following:

  • 5 additional domain names for $1 (save up to $75)
  • 1 SSL certificate for just $1 (save additional $25)
  • $200 Google & Bing ad credits

Hurry up, this HostPapa exclusive offer ends Cyber Monday at midnight.

Get HostPapa $1.95/month Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

GreenGeeks 60% Off Shared Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal


GreenGeeks specializes in shared web hosting and claims to be the world’s number one green energy web hosting provider. The company was founded in 2006 with a goal to become the best green energy web hosting company in the industry.

If you’re looking for truly a green and eco-friendly web hosting company, GreenGeeks is for you! The environment-friendly hosting is going to offer 60% off their shared hosting plans this Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Beyond the satisfaction of hosting with an eco-friendly hosting company, GreenGeeks also offers:

  • Unlimited domains
  • Free website migration and domain transfer
  • Unlimited web space & data transfer
  • Free marketing and SEO tools
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No hidden fees
  • 300% powered by renewable energy
  • Click here to see the complete list of features

GreenGeeks prices start at $3.95 per month after applying this discount offer. It is not much for hosting option that also offers carbon neutral business model. Apart from great features mentioned above, the best thing about hosting with GreenGeeks is that you will be doing a great favor to the environment.

GreenGeeks is the only company that is 300% powered by renewable energy and they are the leader in eco-friendly website hosting.

Get GreenGeeks 60% Off Black Friday Deal & Save the Environment

iPower 60% Off Shared hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal


iPower is a decent hosting option for home & small businesses. The company is not a newbie in hosting market. In fact, they are around since 2001.

The most interesting fact about iPower is a Nextiva local or toll-free business phone number that is included in hosting package for free of cost! This feature alone is a value of $10 per month. iPower is also a certified environmentally-friendly solution provider.

This year on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, iPower is offering 60% off sharing hosting plans. Starting at $3.25 per month, iPwer’s shared web hosting include following:

  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited hosted domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth & unlimited disk space
  • 2500 email accounts
  • $175 worth of advertising credits
  • Free listing on YellowPages
  • 24×7 toll-free phone and live-chat support
  • Click here to see the complete list of features

With a lot of interesting hosting features such as toll-free business phone number, iPower’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal is quite impressive for what it offers.

Get iPower 60% Shared Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

FlyWheel 25% Off All Hosting Annual Plans Black Friday Deal


Flywheel is a great hosting service built specifically for developers, designers and creative agencies. If you need to access the dashboard on a daily basis there is no better service than Flywheel. It is clean, packed with features and highly usable, a joy to use indeed.

Flywheel is telling a different story! They has a lot to offer that can’t be easily found elsewhere that positions themselves as a premium WordPress hosting company built specifically for designers, freelancers and companies with managed client bases. I’m referring to stuff like the ability to create free demo sites, an array of handy tools allowing multiple designers to work on the same site before it’s launched and — perhaps best of all is client billing transfer. That’s correct — you can create a site for someone else on your own account and then, whenever you’re ready, transfer the account/billing for the site to the client! So simple yet powerful!

This year on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, FlyWheel is offering 25% discount on all hosting annual plans. The sale will start on Black Friday 23th November and will end on Cyber Monday at midnight.

Starting at $15/month Tiny VPS WordPress hosting plan, FlyWheel hosting packages offer following:

  • Tuned for WordPress (as you’d expect), with server-side caching (learn more)
  • A beautifully designed interface
  • Free WordPress website migration
  • Nginx as standard (inherently faster than Apache)
  • All clients on VPS — not shared — servers!
  • No overage charges
  • Client billing transfer
  • One-click staging sites
  • Free demo sites (only pay when sites go live!)
  • Solid security & malware monitoring
  • Click here to view the complete list of features

If FlyWheel offers some of the exceptional features, there are some minor annoyances like no 24/7 customer support, no SSH and git deployment. But you need this stuff only if you want full control over your servers.

Bottom line! if you are a developer, designer or agency and you’re making sites for clients, Flywheel might easily be the best choice for you!

Get FlyWheel 25% WordPress Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

DreamHost 50% Off Annual Hosting Plans Black Friday Deal


DreamHost is around since 1997 and it is an officially recommended hosting provider for WordPress by WordPress.org! They company is going to offer 50% discount on all annual hosting plans on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Regularly priced at $9.99 a month, DreamHost’s web hosting plan is now $4.95 per month. That’s 50% off of regular price! DreamHost has been in business for over 19 years.  It now provides it’s users with a hosting platform that offers:

  • Blazing fast SSD storage (another company offering SSD storage after SiteGround & InMotion)
  • Unlimited number of domains hosted
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 1 free domain name registration or transfer
  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee (ranked #1 in this)
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • 24/7 WordPress support
  • Click here to view the complete list of features
We have partnered with DreamHost to bring $50 exclusive discount on shared web hosting plans and free domain name for  our loyal visitors. It is only available via our exclusive link and is one time offer. It doesn’t apply on renewal. Claim Your $50 Exclusive Discount from DreamHost.

My verdict! DreamHost has been serving customers for nearly 2 decades and they offer an excellent WordPress hosting service, plus the lightening fast SSD configuration. Its customer service is also top class. It is, no doubt, one of the best place to host WordPress website or blog.

Get DreamHost 50% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

A Small Orange 85% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal


With low prices and great customer support, A Small Orange is a great home for small websites. It is not a typical web hosting company that actually require costly upgrades in order to meet your expectations and requirements. Instead, they offer exactly what you need by dismantling “Unlimited Everything” tagline and keeping the price low. You will only pay for the resources that you will use.

This Black Friday weekend, you can get 85% of any new hosting plan. Most plans come with a free domain name when you pay annually, and prices will start from an unbelievably low price: just $0.75 per month.

Following the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale details for A Small Orange:

  • 85% Off all new plans + Free 2x Memory on all VPS Plans!
  • Dates: 11/23/2018 – 11/29/2018
  • Promo Code: EPIC

All of A Small Orange shared hosting plans include:

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Screaming Fast Solid State Drive (SSD) Servers for 15x Performance
  • 24/7/365 Expert Support Based in the USA
  • Unlimited Websites (only if you buy annual plan)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Mailing lists
  • Click here to view the complete list of features

If you don’t want to pay for the resources you actually don’t need and want to keep the hosting cost low, A Small Orange Black Friday discounted hosting plan is best for you — pay just $0.75 per month and get a free domain as well.

Get A Small Orange 85% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

WebHostingHub 55% Off Website Hosting Black Friday Deal


WebHostingHub is the name for high standard small business web hosting. It is owned by the same team that is behind InMotion Hosting. So if you use InMotion, you pretty much already know what to expect from WebHostingHub. For Lhe.io visitors, we have some very special pricing. Just click here and you will be taken to that special page.

With WebHostingHub website hosting, you’ll get all the hosting features you need, plus some specialty features such as:

WebHostingHub is also a great option if you are looking for a environmental-friendly hosting company. They built the first green data center in Los Angeles that reduced their carbon output by 70%.

Get WebHostingHub 55% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

1and1 $0.99/month Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal


If you’re looking for a feature-rich, cheap web hosting, 1&1 should be on your short list. They offers a wide array of packages, including shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosting. However, it’s 1&1’s WordPress support that makes the company on top, if you need WordPress hosting.

This year on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, 1&1 is offering 88% on shared web hosting packages that makes it stand out on Black Friday discount chart. In my opinion, $0.99 per month is nothing for the kind of services 1&1 offers. Unlike GoDaddy, 1&1 allows customers to select 1 month hosting plan with any package tier. GoDaddy bounds the customers to sign up for its pricier Deluxe or Ultimate plans (starting at $8.99 and $14.99, respectively) to get a one-month option.

All the 1&1 shared hosting plans come with following features:

  • Free domain registration or transfer
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited websites
  • Free website builder
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Over 120 one-click install applications
  • Click here to view complete list of features

1&1 offers low-cost hosting, easy email setup, domain transfers, and website building — particularly in the WordPress category, for which it can be one of the best source to hosting your WordPress website or blog.

Get $0.99/mo 1and1 Shared Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

NameCheap 98% Off Hosting & Domains Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal


NameCheap is one of the best domain name registrar which is famous for rock bottom low prices for domains, hosting and SSL certificates. With modern and intuitive website design, NameCheap is my personal favorite for many reasons. I’ve registered tens of domains with them and have been using their web hosting  as well. It is already on top of my shopping list this Black Friday.

Despite Namecheap’s reputation being primarily for their domain hosting, many of the management team have extensive experience when it comes to providing web hosting services.

The two primary Namecheap hosting plans are all identical apart from the amount of disk space and the number of websites allowed.  Starting at just $9.88 first year, the Value plan is excellent value, especially with the initial discount.

If you only have a couple of websites to host, then the Value Plan should be sufficient.  With resources limited on a per account basis, rather than a per site basis, it may be more beneficial to buy two Value Plans rather than upgrade to the Professional Plan, as this gives you twice the amount of resources.

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday, NameCheap is offering up to 98% off on domain registration, hosting and SSL certificates. That is one of the best offer on Black Friday keeping in mind their already cheapest prices.

NameCheap Value hosting plan comes with following features:

Namecheap will offer domain registration, website hosting, and SSLs at discounts up to 98% off our already fantastic prices. The deals will only be available on Black Friday & Cyber Monday for 24 hours each.

Get NameCheap 98% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

Media Template 40% Off Hosting Cyber Monday Deal


For over 15 years, Media Temple has been proudly offering the best web hosting service and support available anywhere. From WordPress blogs and portfolio sites to small business sites, e-commerce, and beyond, Media Temple has a reliable hosting plan that’s right for you. And all their web hosting plans are backed by industry-leading, 24/7 live support.

This Cyber Monday, Media Temple is offering 40% discount on all annual hosting plans. The company offers shared web hosting, one of the best WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting (managed Amazon cloud) and website builder. So you can easily choose what best suits your needs at 40% less price.

Following is the details of Media Temple’s Cyber Monday offer:

  • Promo Code: CYBER2018
  • Start Date: Nov 26, 2018 12:00 AM
  • Expiration Date: Nov 27, 2018 11:59 PM


The offers is applicable on following hosting plans:

  • WordPress Personal and WordPress Studio
  • Grid Personal and Grid Pro
  • DV Developer Levels 1 & 2
  • DV Managed Levels 1 & 2

Each Media Temple hosting plan comes with following features:

  • Free SSD storage
  • DDOS & intrusion protection
  • 24/7 US-based live support
  • Quick setup wizard
  • 30-day file backup & restore
  • Managed App catalog with auto updates
  • Easy WordPress site migration & setup
  • Site staging & cloning
  • Click here to view the complete list of features

Founded in 1998, Media Temple have over 125,000 customers and provides services to website owners running over 1.5 million websites. The company is providing services to a variety of businesses, from creative professionals and small companies and organisations to large clients such as Starbucks, Adidas and Toyota.

Get Media Temple 40% Hosting Cyber Monday Deal

Rose Hosting 50% Off Black Friday/Cyber Monday VPS Hosting Deal 2018


Rose Hosting is a Linux-only hosting organization specialized in VPS hosting — though the company also offers both shared and dedicated hosting plans now. The company claims that RoseHosting.com was the first and only web hosting company in the world to offer commercial Linux virtual servers back in 2001.

At year at Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Rose Hosting is offering 50% recurring discount on all its Linux VPS hosting plans. It essentially means that whatever the price you will pay when you signup for a VPS hosting plan using this deal, it will remain forever. Wow!

But unfortunately, it is available for limited signups. 50% discount is available for the first 100 purchases only! So hurry up! You can one one of those hundred customers. The discount will then be reduced to 25% after 100 signups and it will remain same for subsequent purchases.

Following are the details of Rose Hosting’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal:

  • Promo code: BFCM50
  • Start date: Active now
  • End Date: December 5th, 2018

Each Rose Hosting’s VPS Hosting plan comes with following features:

  • Solid State Drive (SSD) storage
  • Free website mirgration
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Free fully managed support
  • Free cPanel or DirectAdmin
  • Guaranteed price-lock, which means that you will keep the low Black Friday/Cyber Monday price forever
  • Click here to view complete list of features

Hurry up! It is just a matter of time how much fast you signup for Rose Hosting  discounted plan and secure lifetime 50% off on VPS Linux hosting plan of your choice!

Get 50% Off Rose Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPS Hosting  Deal

InterServer 50% Off Shared Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale


Interserver.net, founded in 1999, has been offering low cost web-hosting and VPS hosting solutions. Their services have low startup costs: $6 per month for VPS and $4.95 per month for web hosting. They don’t force the customers to buy annual plans to collect multiyear upfront payments; all prices are monthly.

At this Black Friday & Cyber Monday, InterServer.net is  offering flat 50% off on all shared hosting plans. The deal is already live! Each shared hosting plan comes with following features:

  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • 406 1-click install scripts
  • Cloud based hosting solutions
  • Unlimited storage & transfer
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Price lock guarantee (the price at you signup, will always remain same even during renewal)
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat & email ticket
  • Click here to view the complete list of features

InterServer.net looks promising. If you are looking for hosting solution for small website or business, InterServer can be the host for you! They offer economical hosting plans that can best serve your needs. Moreover, their dedicated support team is available around the clock to help you with any issues you may encounter while using their service.

Get InterServer 50% Off Shared Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal


  • 27-Nov-2017 Cyber Deals are live now.
  • 24-Nov-2017 Enjoy Rose Hosting 50% off lifetime on VPS hosting as well as InterServer.net 50% shared hosting plans
  • 20-Nov-2017 More offers added including CloudWays & NameCheap deal
  • 19-Nov-2017 HostGator offers updated
  • 18-Nov-2017 Black Friday sales page added

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