Affiliate marketing helps you earn money by promoting others’ products and services on your website. As affiliate marketing is the most attractive way to make money online because you don’t have to hustle of handling manufacturing, printing, selling, distribution, shipments and promotion campaigns. But it is not easy to earn, as it seems. It takes a lot of passion to increase your affiliate marketing.

As many bloggers moves to affiliate marketing to make it their all time job, but soon they realize something isn’t right. They are not hitting their targeted income. Reason behind is that they don’t go for the strategies and tactics to increase their website traffic and can’t convince customers to purchase from their affiliate links. Here are some tips and strategies to boost your affiliate income.

1. Don’t Force Customers

Don’t force your customers to buy a product. First know the need of your customers, create awareness in your customers that how your recommended product will fulfill your customer needs.To know your customers needs you can keep in contact by your blog posts and comments. Don’t treat them like customers, treat them like your family/friends.Explain how it will help to solve their problems and a deep insight to the features and benefits of the product like a suggestion or recommendation.

2. Never Recommend Something You Are Not Familiar With

 It is a million dollar advice. If you really want to win the trust of your reader, be honest with them. If you never heard of, or used any product or service, don’t recommend it to others. Your blog should have a consistent theme. If you are running a fashion blog, it must have all the content and Ads related to fashion, it should not contain technology or health products promotion campaigns. As customers will not trust your recommendations because it will give an impression that you don’t have expertise in that area. If your blog will focus on a single theme, it will build you customers trust and if they will be searching for a solution related to that theme, they will definitely come to your blog to find a recommendation.

3. Don’t Promote A Lot of Products at a Time

Don’t promote a lot of products at same time as it may question your trust worthiness. As they may get a perception that you are promoting them without having any idea about the product.It will also confuse your customers that what they should buy and what not. Along with blog content use side Ad Banners to promote the products and for that purpose you don’t have to make it a rushy place with bulk of Ads. So, recommend 2-3 products to your viewers at a time.

4. Improve Your Blog Design & Content

Visuals play a very important role to get user’s attention. For this purpose you have to make your blog design appealing and content interesting. Appealing here doesn’t mean full of colors or something like that. It should be simple and classy, not a mix of bunch of colors. Blog content should be maintained in a consistent manner and updated having full insight.

6. Improve SEO of Your Posts

Increase search traffic of your blog by using keywords that people may be searching for. If you will be writing about products that people may be searching for or the products that solve their problems. The people who visit your blog due to search engines are really looking for their solutions.

7. Build Your Customers’ Trust

Build your strong online presence because it helps to build your customers as nobody buys from strangers online. You have to show testimonials from real people and strong profiles on online networking sites LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Building online trust requires a lot of effort, you can try guest posts and work online to get testimonials from people. It will increase your credibility and people will trust your recommendations to buy products.

8. Be Ready for Special Events

Be ready for special events, as different products and services offer some exclusive bonuses and discounts. So, you must have subscribed newsletters to the products as the companies first send out emails to their subscribers.So, if you subscribe to them, you will be the first one to get notified about the special discounts. So, you should be there for your customers to get them best deals especially on Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can promote different solutions and products to your customers regarding a single issue and give them a better idea by creating a table of collected data. As, table give precise idea of what they are going to buy and what kind of benefits they will get from any specific product.

9. Guest Posting

You can also write guest posts on other blogs and insert affiliate links to boost your blog ranking. Though many sites don’t allow affiliate links but you can negotiate to the owners and provide back links to them as well.Or you can share profit in the form of commission.Go for popular sites and blogs because in this way you can get thousands of users and build customers as well.

10. Discount Coupons

You can also write about discount coupons and coupon codes. You can also write coupon codes hidden in affiliate links.By clicking coupon codes, users should be redirected to affiliate links. You can also use WordPress coupon plugins like coupon code plugin and couponreveal etc.

11. Analyze Reviews

If you want people to buy through your affiliate links, you must have to give them a clear picture of the market. For this purpose, you should go through different product forums and analyze reviews. You can also go through discussion forums about any product as you will find real time experiences of people about any products. In this way your reviews will be persuasive and compel your users to buy from you.

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