Smart Glasses: Automatically focus on what you’re looking at!

These Smart Glasses will be available in two or three years.


Smart wearables are hot in the news. Now whatever you are wearing is gradually changing into something smarter enough to help you out with your work. There are many wearables but these smart glasses are desire of every human being who is suffering from eyesight issues. Who would not want ‘Smart Glasses’ that can automatically focus on whatever the user is looking at. There is always a story behind successful innovations. The creator behind these smart spectacles has made these glasses for himself just to get rid of technology that was developed in Benjamin Franklin’s era. These glasses consist of pair of lenses that are made up of glycerin, thick colorless liquid wrapped by flexible rubber like membrane back and front. Further more, this membrane is connected with three mechanical actuators that push membrane like a transparent piston in a back and forth movement. When the user of these glasses focuses on any object these wearable has built in meter that will measure the distance and instruct the actuators how to curve the lens. In other words, these glasses have sensors that will instruct actuators to adjust the lens accordingly.

These glasses were displayed at CES 2017. Currently these Smart Glasses have a bulky design but the makers are working on the lighter version of these glasses which will be more slimmer and stylish and will be more innovative most probably the other new version will have eye tracking as well as a depth camera. This will help more to focus on whatever wearer is looking at. Now with this new innovative features it is much obvious that these spectacles will consume more energy than the first already available glasses. So for this purpose there will be more powerful battery and the most interesting and surprising thing is that this powerful battery will be so small that it will fit in to trendy pair of glasses that people will actually wear.

For those who are already loving these glasses and want to grab them so that they can wear them will have to wait for two or three years more. Most probably these Smart Glasses will cost $500-$1000. Pretty expensive though! but the makers do not think like that at all. According to Carlos (creator of Smart Glasses), “Our auto-focus eye glasses can compensate for the focusing loss of the eye so most aging individuals afflicted with far or nearsightedness wearing these sets can see sharp images all time. They are worth a price.” Interestingly, these spectacles will take only 14 milliseconds to change the focus and they also have rechargeable battery which can lasts for 24-hours.

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