Mood assessing smart glasses by Dior’s frame-maker

Mood assessing smart glasses will be available in 2017.


We all have heard about so many smart gadgets from smartphones to smart televisions but have you ever thought of wearing smart glasses that can assess mood? well certainly not! An Italian Company that makes eye frames for brands like Dior, Fendi, Hugo Boss has came up with a very smart idea as they are now going to make smart glasses that can assess mood unlike Google glass. These spectacles have some smart capabilities. These glasses do not have any camera, a microphone or even a display. This device totally works on five sensors built-in behind the ears and on the nose which works as a bridge that can measure brain waves. These glasses work with an app in your smartphone. These waves are send in the form of result to an app, which help to asses your state of mind and also helps you out to meditate and relax.

This Italian company which named as “Safilo Group SPA” has announced to debuted this smart device in summer 2017 at CES. Safilo ranks in 3rd place in the industry of eye wear.  According to the management of Safilo, they are pretty sure that there fashionable yet smart glasses will be able to gather more customers than Google Glass. It is just the beginning and company is testing this incredible device. If the company will be able to get enough units, then surely there will be more smart glasses coming soon. In 2017 , these pair of glasses will be available at Dior and also on other brands which get frames from this company.

There is nothing to doubt about that these specs will not only attract geeks but also other people but according to some analysts these smart specs represent some creepiness as people still hesitate to use these high-tech wearables outside their house boundaries specially when these wearables are glasses and the company is trying to hush way this creepiness. Still these smart eye wear are a step forward to technological evolution. It is very much cool that no one will get to know that these glasses are loaded with innovation except the person who is wearing them.

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