Record, analyze & share your tricks with RideBlock skateboard

RideBlock is a skateboard trick tracker for fun lovers and allows you to share their tricks on social media.


Skateboards are fun and people around the world are crazy for skateboarding tricks. RideBlock is a skateboard motion tracker developed and designed by engineers who love to do skateboards tricks and want to share it with their social circle. It’s actually an activity and motion tracker designed for skateboards and longboards to track the tricks performed, analyse the progress and compete with friends in real-time. Basic purpose is to empower the sports community using innovation and data to progress together and use analytics to improve performance.

How it Works

RideBlock utilizes a unique sensor combination that allows motion recognition and pattern matching algorithm to automatically recognize tricks. That information is then sent to the mobile app for deeper analysis. The mobile dashboard enables users to analyze the trick with details that include speed, height, force, total airtime and an overall score.

Device Specialty

As skateboarding is risky in some way because broken boards and broken bones are part of skateboarding. Hence device durability is given major importance. Device is made water resistant and durable. Device is easily re-chargeable with free and fast magnetic connectors and a hassle free connection to phone with the tap of a button.

Device Specifications

Dimensions: 4.5mm×55mm×10mm

Battery Life: 7 hrs/ Continuous

Compatibility: Skateboards / Long boards

Sensors: 9 axis IMU- Barometer

How to Use RideBlock

  • Just attach RideBlock to the truck of your skateboard using skate tool.
  • Turn ON the device and connect it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
  • Start your session or challenge your friends anywhere in the world.
  • Analyze your performance and compare your score with others.
  • Share your achievements and progress in social media or in the RideBlock feed.

RideBlock team is showcasing their project at Indiegogo and raising funds to launch their products. Expected price for the device is 49$.

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