WhatsApp rolls out new status feature with images and videos

WhatsApp now introduces custom status feature visible only for 24 hours.


WhatsApp is going to add a radical update to its app which is just like Snapchat’s stories. It had been reported that WhatsApp will allow its users to upload pictures and videos as their status updates in the form of Stories, which would disappear after duration of 24 hours. It was also said that the update would reach iOS users first, followed by Android and Windows Phone later. There are now images released which show how the new WhatsApp status feature would work.

Before it was announced by WABetaInfo, a Twitter user but now it is officially announced by WhatsApp official blog. WhatsApp’s new Status feature, being rolled out on Monday, will let users share photos, GIFs or videos overlaid with drawings, emojis and a caption that will be visible to selected friends for 24 hours, before disappearing. Moreover, there is no need of third party apps for adding emojis and text to images and videos.

How to use WhatsApp Status

  1. Open the app and navigate to your Status screen.
  2. Tap on the circle icon with a plus sign on the top left edge.
  3. Then take a photo, record a video or upload a file that’s already on the phone.
  4. Add emojis, text, and freehand drawing and text on images and videos. Just tap to send and here you go.

How do add emojis & text on top of pictures and videos?


  1. Open image or video and tap on emoji button on the top of the screen and you’ll see your emoji options.
  2. Pick the one you want and drag it over to where you want it on your image or video. You can resize or rotate it by pinching or turning it.


  1. Tap on the T button at the top of your screen.
  2. Type your text in the text field. You can change the color of your text by moving your sliding along the color selector on the right side of your screen.
  3. To change your font, tap on the color selector on the right side of your screen and drag your finger to the left side to scroll through your options. Stop at the one you like to select it.

Freehand drawing and writing

  1. Tap on the pencil icon.
  2. Drag your finger up or down the color selector to find the color you’d like to draw with.
  3. Use your fingertip like a pencil.

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