Want to make memories? Get yourself ready for witnessing the”biggest moon” of the history since 1948 until it appears again on 2034. Biggest moon is all set to give appearance on the sky on November 14,2016.  This time super moon will be the biggest one and will be more closer to the earth than ever.

Scientists have concluded that earth is not perfectly centered within the orbit of moon. Which causes apogee and perigee. Now you all must be thinking what are these two terms? Well, Apogee is the moment/ point where moon is farthest from the earth and perigee refers to the moment when moon is closet to the earth and that’s how super moon occurs. Super moon is also called “perigee-syzygy” or “Perigee of moon.

This year, three super moons in total will be witnessed by people:

  1. Super moon was seen on October 24,2016.
  2.  Super moon will be seen on November 14,2016
  3. Last Super moon of this year will also rise on December 14, 2016.

When the moon will be closer to earth it will appear more larger in the sky and will eventually reflect more light towards the earth as compared to normal moonlight. It usually looks 7% bigger than the normal moon. But this biggest moon will be 14% bigger than the actual size of super moon.

More good news is that these super moons do not cause any natural disasters. According to NASA, These Moons should not be causing any harm to the internal energies of earth and as far as lunar tides are being concerned than they occur almost everyday. So people do not forget to step outside at night of November 14,2016 because if you will miss this chance then you will have to wait till 2034. Call your friends or family and make this moon sighting a memorable moment of your life.

Do not forget to share your feelings with us regarding to this “Biggest Moon” of the history.


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Amna Maqsood


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