Crazy Fights on Black Friday Sale

People going crazy for Black Friday Sale all over the World.


The day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This also is unofficially or officially start of holiday shopping season. So, Black Friday is biggest shopping festival all over the world and people stand in line for hours to grab the bargain of the year. As,time of the Sale is limited, people go crazy for buying the stuff they are interested in. Some brands expand the Sale time for a week or up-to 10 days, but nothing can bring down the people’craze about this shopping fiesta.People start fighting over sale items and this all creates a hilarious scenario. Even Online shopping websites crash under the pressure of  Black Friday shoppers.

Here are some funny compilations of Black Friday Crazy Fights:

1.Crazy Fight Over Toilet Rolls



2.Worst Black Friday Disaster in Walmart



3. Fights & Brawls on Opening of Sale: Craziest One



4.Pakistani Women Fight on Black Friday Sale

Now, even Pakistani brands are celebrating Black Friday Sale. It was adapted by Pakistani brands since last year and in 2016, it is all over in Pakistani online stores. Here is a video from last year Black Friday Sale in which some crazy women are fighting for dresses.


But, a point to ponder is “Do all this stuff matters so much to us that we stop respecting each other and fighting like animals”.

As Black Friday is right after thanksgiving which people celebrate to thank for the blessings they have and within a week they become so selfish and dis-respectful to get the Sale items. And other thought provoking issue is that all the Pakistani stores are beating out each other on Black Friday Sale in competition to grab customers, they should also celebrate a White Friday Sale before Muslim festivals  Ramazan and Eid to help their Muslim brothers.

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Tayyaba Irshad
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