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Apple wants to be the ‘Jack of all trades’ and without any doubt Apple is putting its hand everywhere. Reportedly Apple wants to have its very own TV original series. Apple has planned to buy some TV scripts from producers, Apple is looking for something that will in future gain popularity comparable to the TV shows like Stranger Things or West world. Now These TV series will bundle with Apple’s music app for $9.99 per month for subscription service. Apple also plans to buy “Carpool Karaoke“, the show in which host drives around with guests singing to their favorite songs.

Apple has also announced to buy its first TV reality  show named “Planet of Apps” this show centers around some app developers that will be trying to make next Facebook or apps like Pokemon Go. This show will be hosted by Will.i.am, who is a rapper and a tech enthusiast. Talking about giving competition to Netflix and Amazon than it will take a while to Apple as these two brands are streaming giant so far. This decision of Apple will help to broaden its ambition and also will help to stand out to Spotify. It is reported Apple Music has 20 million paid subscribers while Spotify has 40 million paid subscribers. Moreover, This branching out will more likely to differentiate Apple Music with Spotify. As they both were giving the same content related to music. It has been a great move taken by the company. Previously, the company has to face downfall for the first time. Enticing viewers with these TV series is may be a way to keep its consumers glued with its phones.

Apple has ordered 10 episodes of Carpool Karaoke but its is still not decided that when these episodes will premier. Apple is the tech giant that has $237 billion cash in hand which makes it the most valuable tech company. In short if Apple wants to buy something even if it is just a script then Apple can do that which is more threatening to Netflix and Amazon also making it a serious contender that should worry these two streaming giants.

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