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Apple is been into news for his ranking or for what has happened inside the company for the last couple of months. We all know that Apple has introduced Jackless iPhone and earned a credit for this new innovative product last year. Now this tech giant has ranked first among world’s first environment friendly company in tech industry. Talking about facts Apple has scored this ranking for the third time in a row. People are going conscious about green products due to Global Warming effects. Now people buy those products that are actually environment friendly whether these products are for daily usage or technology.

Greenpeace’s IT analyst and the lead author of the report stated that, “Thanks to leadership and advocacy of the companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Switch, we are seeing the tech industry makes major strides towards powering the internet with clean energy”. Many of the people actually think that what technology can make a difference by taking green products into their concerns well as many of them do not know that these innovative products produce such type of radiations that are not very helpful or friendly for the biotic factors of the environment. Apple earned As’ in terms of providing clean energy calculated at 83%, greenness, renewable energy commitment, efficiency in utilization of energy, mitigation. But the company also scored B in terms of green advocacy.

After Apple, Facebook saved its ranking on the 2nd place with over all A, its clean energy index was calculated at 67% , Google was at the third place by clean energy index of 56%. It clearly indicates that Google need to focus on its clean energy index scoring a position at the one of the top three ranking is not enough. Google also managed to score an over all A besides its lowest clean energy index. It is very good to see that these companies are putting efforts and doing their best on their behaves.

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