Orient is one of Pakistan’s leading home appliance brand. Its been in reports that BlueEast Pvt. Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Orient Electronics has bought local startup ‘Smart Devices’ that operates in “Internet of Things”. This agreement was  made by mutual understanding between Abdul Rehman Talat, who is Director of Sales and Marketing at Orient Electronics and CEO of Smart Devices Abdul Ghaffar. According to resources Orient IoT division acquired this startup in 10 million Pakistani Rupees. Basically, BlueEast was monitoring Smart Devices for more than a year now.

Smart Devices was founded by Abdul Ghaffar, who is an IoT expert as well as an entrepreneur. This Pakistani startup offers variety of smart devices such as smart switches and smart hubs that will help to make your home smarter. This startup provides users with an opportunity to control any electronic device by only using mobile app, cloud dashboard or a browser extension from anyhere, anytime around the globe.  According to Director of Sales and Marketing of Orient Electronics, “We have been monitoring Smart Devices and Abdul Ghaffar for about a year now. They have been without a doubt been most promising startup of IoT, in Pakistan. Smart Devices is the only local company that has a finished product. It’s a company that shares our vision of a connected Pakistan; we want to expand the horizons on a person to machine and machine to person interactions. Acquiring Smart Devices has allowed us to pool our resources and further our progress on our shared goal.” Smart devices has won Pakistan’s first IoT award in 2015 at Telenor’s IoT expo 2015.

While on this acquisition, Abdul Ghaffar CEO of Smart Devices also commented, “Smart Devices acquisition is the first of its kind in the region and with an industrial giant like Orient acquiring it, this proves Pakistan is ready for advance tech like IoT. I think its high time for IoT players to work together and create a better and common ecosystem.”  This acquisition is not only beneficial for the companies but also beneficial for Pakistan. Talking more about the products of Smart Devices, Abdul Ghaffar mentioned his new work that he has been doing. He said that he is working on new Air condition that will let users  to know about the total consumption of voltage as well as complete activity history with that this home appliance will also give estimation of bill. IoT is amazing isn’t it? This idea of new smart air condition is what we all have wanted.

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