Consumer Technology Association (CES) is one of the biggest technology trade events in the world. Every year during this event, companies from all over the world participate and show their most amazing & innovative products of the year to large number of participants. This year, CES 2017 event was held at Las Vegas. Smart Homes and Internet of Things (IoT) devices got the most attention from customers and traders this year. Here are some of the cool products from this year event that aims in bringing ease and comfort to consumers life.

1. Alarm.com Home Security Drone

Surveillance and security of your house is a biggest concern of today. Alarm.com has a big, bold idea for how to smarten up your home security.It has designed a drone equipped with a camera flying through your home to investigate unexpected activity.These drones are totally autonomous and can sense any noise or disturbance in the area under surveillance and can send the video to the owner of house. These drones have tamper-resistant technology which has 24/7 emergency response and can generate real-time alerts. If you want one for your house, just buy one from here.

2. Coway Airmega-Air Purifier

It is an app-enabled air purifier. It is smart enough to adapt air conditions in real-time, generates air quality alerts and removes up-to 99.7% particles.it is stylish to fit in modern day life style and cleans a large area at a faster rate.Air mega mobile app has different features real-time air quality notifications, filter lifetime monitoring, and scheduler. Air mega promotes an easy breathing and healthier environment to live by reducing dust,cigarette smoking,allergens,pet dander and mold.You can visit Coway Airmega official site if you want to purchase this air purifier.

3. Drop Recipes App

Are you crazy about recipes? Together, the Drop Scale and Recipe App are an unbeatable combination that helps anyone make beautiful and delicious food, regardless of experience.You can access hundred of recipes over there and then prepare it smart way with Drop Recipes handy tools and guides. You just have to follow simple step-by-step instructions and try new dishes.You can weigh ingredients by connecting to the Drop Scale and get perfect results. So, if you want to use Drop Recipes, you just have to buy Drop Recipe Scale and download its app from here.

4. Fibaro Flood Sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor is a stylish, compact size flood sensor. This device can protect you and your family from any threatening flood, or a rapid temperature rise or drop. It doesn’t require any professional installation.This device has a tilt sensor to generate alarm for device position, a temperature sensor used to manage a floor heating system or serve as a fire alarm sensor, by detecting rapid temperature rise.It is battery powered device which is enough for the device to work for 2.5 years. So, if you want to purchase Fibaro Flood Sensor, you can just get its manual and device from Fibaro official site.

5. Kuri

A cute little robot who will assist you in your routine chore and will make your life easier, brighter and connected. Kuri has emotive eyes, friendly disposition and it inspire and create connections in your home. Kuri quickly learn your home’s floor plan, where stairs are, and which room belongs to whom. Kuri learns your household routine and can wake you up in time for work and greet you when you come home at night.By using Kuri mobile app you can set up your favorite devices to monitor tasks, review activity, or have him patrol your house when you’re not home. You can pre-order Kuri at its official site for $699.


Above are the top 5 smart home products displayed during CES 2017 event. What’s your personal favorite? Let’s know in comments.

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