Consumer Technology Association (CES) is one of the biggest technology trade events in the world. Every year during this event, companies from all over the world participate and show their most amazing & innovative products of the year to large number of participants. This year, CES 2017 event was held at Las Vegas.Along with other products for Smart Homes, Gaming and Internet of Things (IoT),  CES has something for people crazy for photography.

1. LUMIX GH5 by Panasonic

Panasonic has announced a new camera  with a lot of surprising specs. It has buffer of 100 photos on shooting in raw. It has resolution of 18 MP nearly 6K. The GH5 will be capable of shooting up to 180 frames per second in 1080p and it has a built-in microphone that helps cancel out camera noise.Panasonic is going to charge $1,999 for just the GH5 camera body. Its going to be displayed for sale in late March.

2. Alpha 99II by Sony

The Sony Alpha a99 Mark II uses a semi-transparent mirror that splits light between the sensor and an AF module near the viewfinder, which differentiates it from a traditional DSLR. It has a 42 megapixel camera which can shoot at the speed of 12 frames per second and can shoot 4K video. Alpha 9II is available for $3,198 at Amazon store.

3. Polaroid Pop

The Polaroid brand is also one of the cameras displayed at CES 2017 but its not a DSLR. It is one that mashes up digital and physical photography.It  shoots and prints 3 by 4 inch instant photos using inkless Zink photo paper. It has a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, with a dual-LED flash and it can record 1080p video.

Along with print you can store the photo in microSD cards having memory upto 128GB. It can also transmit photos to your phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Company hasn’t revealed about the cost of the camera.

4. Hover Camera

It is your personal photographer which is fold-able, self-flying and easy to take anywhere. This hover camera or selfie-flying drone  just costs $599. It can record 4K videos and take photograph of 13MP. It is light and durable enclosed in propellers to fly free.

It is especially for the travelers, this camera will detect and photograph you will on your way to places. It can also capture unique perspectives in 360 spin and with a close range shot.Its pretty much easy than quad-copters and drones. So, if you want to purchase it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones or friends, as it is really cool idea for gift as well, you can purchase it from Hover Camera official site.

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