CES is one of the biggest tech trade shows. In this event companies from all over the world participate and show their most amazing, innovative products of the year. Every year CES held in Las Vegas. This is the event where all the innovative ideas come to the reality or at least people get know about what next is coming. Expectations and hopes are high. CES will start from January 5, 2017 till January 8, 2017. So if you are a tech nerd then this event is the right place to land into. You can also show off your coolest inventions just by registering yourself. This will be 50th anniversary of the trade show. Here are few things to expect from this mega event:


Every year many car companies come to this event and show off their most innovative cars of the year. This time there will be more self driving and electric cars by the Ford, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Ferrari, Bentely, Honda and many more. Apart from this concept cars will also be the eyes of the evening as Honda explores its high-tech edges by showing of  “NeuV Concept car“, it is a box like car with autonomous EV commuter which is packed with an artificial intelligence engine called “emotion engine”. It will create a more likely human interaction between driver and the car. In other words, this car can feel human emotions.

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Internet of Things

IoT/connected home has became the new sensation in the world of technology. This year companies especially google will be displaying its best innovation. There will not be any new stuff but we will be seeing continuity in the existing trends. Connected home vision includes a promise to link refrigerators with internet and WiFi thermostats. This time IoT is more about voice assistance like Amazon’s Alexa. You can use Alexa to control Neato’s  robotic vacuums, adjust the AC without moving out of the bed and you can also lock your BMW from a far distance. More over At CES, IoT will be about some WiFi doorbell cameras, and some connected kitchen stuff.

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While talking about technology, How can we forget about TVs. Like everything TVs have now became bigger and better. Companies like Samsung, Song, LG and an upcoming Chinese brand TCL will be showing off LCD-based technologies like quantum dot. For Samsung it will going to be tough, as LG’s OLED has many wow factors. LG is the only company to come with this massive explode of technology even though Samsung has also came with this technology but still it cannot beat LG.


Gaming has took a new turn. Virtual reality is the new era of gaming. This time at CES is all about 4K gaming, new fancy hardware and accessories related to gadgets. Soon the day will come when it will be very hard to differentiate gaming world from reality world. Developers are working on bring 4K capable consoles for PS4 Pro. There are many big brands that will be showing off their VR and AR headsets, keyboards, mobile phones etc.

People will be able to see a lot more from robotics, cell phones, PCs/Laptops, gadgets etc. This is the show not to be missed. About 200,000 people come to witness the biggest innovation of the year. Go grab your tickets or else you have to wait till next year.

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