Password is your first security step against cyber criminals. If one gets access to your password then your security and privacy all will be at stake, as our social media accounts i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc are linked with our email id’s .So, we must have a secure password to make ourselves safe from any identity theft or privacy breach. Here are some tips to secure your password:

1. Choose a Strong Password

You have to use a strong and unique password which is a combination of numbers,letters and special characters. The major thing about strong password is it should not be a common name or have resemblance with you email id. You can make it a combination of any number related to you and a phrase that only you know.

2. Set Up a Recovery Option

To keep your account safe you have to set up a recovery option: an email id or a phone number which is currently active. Sometimes we set a recovery option and later stop using that phone number or forgot that email id. It creates a hustle when we are in hurry and want to login from some other place or device. Google usually don’t allow you to do so and wants confirmation from your recovery resources.In that case you must have an option to login. So, keep updated your recovery resources. In case you change your phone number o forgot your recovery account password, update it in your account settings.

3. Change Your Password

You should change your account password after sometime and specially when you logged into your account from some public Internet Cafe or a public network as its better to be safe than sorry. You can change your Google Account Password here or watch the following video for how to do that.

4. Don’t Use Same Password for Different Accounts

Don’t use same password for different accounts. As it triggers phishing attack. Consider using same key for your home,office,bike/car and what if, if one gets access to this one key, your all belongings’ security will be compromised. You can use Password Alert, a chrome extension to keep a check whenever you enter your Google Account password into anywhere on web. Password Alert helps to secure your password and also  checks that the page you are visiting is not impersonating Google’s sign-in page and informs you.But keep it in your mind that Password Alert doesn’t protect password for non-Google Services.

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