How to Send Email to Mobile Number

Want to Send an Urgent Email, Send it as a Text Message.


There may be sometimes you are in a hurry and want to inform the other person about the Email. So, you have to text the next person: “Check Your Email“. But now there is no need to do that, you can just send your Email directly to any Mobile Number.

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CloudHQ has developed a Chrome Extension named “Send Your Email to SMS (Text)“. This Chrome Extension will save your email by getting lost in the recipient’s Email Account. Recipient will receive the email on his mobile and its a study that 90% of the times a text message is read by the receiver within 3 minutes.

Steps to send email as a text message

  1. Add the Send Your Email to SMS (Text) to your Google Chrome.
  2. Open your Gmail Account.
  3. Compose an Email and Click on Mobile Phone Icon on the Top of Email.
  4. It will allows you to fill in the recipient’s phone number and a short message to go along with it.
  5. After filling the form, Click “Forward as Text Message”.
  6. Recipient will receive a SMS on his/her mobile phone complete with the short message, a link to the email, and all attachments in the email.

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