As the new year begins, we all have been hearing news about new arrivals in tech industry. Companies are coming up with new amazing innovations that will totally blow your mind away with surprise. Now Google and Fiat Chrysler Auto makers (FCA) have teamed up to launch Android Nougat 7.0 version powered 8.4 inch automotive that will be used as infotainment in vehicles. FCA is a seventh largest automobile maker company in the world if we analyse in terms of their annual sales. This in-car tech system will be loaded with some incredible features. FCA’s in car system is called as “Uconnect”. Uconnect comes with Google Assistance, Google Maps, Android Apps etc.

Google Director of Android Engineering said that “Google is committed to building Android as a turn-key automotive platform that integrates deeply with the vehicle in a safe and seamless way“. FCA’s Head of Electrical Engineering has also shared few thoughts upon this collaboration, “This collaboration with Google has been extremely beneficial opportunity for both companies to explore how in vehicle and infotainment and connectivity technology continues to evolve and what it takes to meet consumers’ increasing desire for innovation of information with minimal distraction.”

Google is trying to redefine the future of cars by stepping into self deriving cars and now this Android car system is also in the Bucket of Google’s project. It is the advantage that Google has over Apple. Google and Android both give each other flexibility to offer consumer app compatibility  without compromising control of branding and customer relationship. Google and FCA will show off this collaborative work at CES 2017. Android is flexible and its flexibility could be the key to gain valuable in-car experience. More about Uconnect, it will be an in-car, hand free communication system, by this system users will be able to talk via wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth while driving. It will be more user friendly and ecosystem applications will also be incorporating this system. Apart from everything it is a smart step taken by Google at this stage.

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