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  1. Hi! Great article but I want to know if is really possible because I read recently several post in others websites that say stripe isn’t accepting accounts from Payoneer…..

  2. this message from stripe ” Verify your identity

    We’ll use your credit card details to create two small transactions on your account. Once you enter the transaction amounts from your credit card statement, we’ll verify the amounts and automatically refund the transacations.

    We will be charging your account in USD ”

    i tried to do it by using payoneer mastercard but not acceptable>

    can i use another debit card for another person to do it ?

  3. Hello. I was wondering what is to be used to fill the form since there are lots of details. I mean do I need to makeup a company?

  4. Hi, thank you very much for the great article, but how would I need to pay my taxes? Do I need to pay my taxes with my EIN number? If so how do I pay my taxes using my EIN number?
    I would really appreciate it if you would help me!

    1. Hi Sam, since your company/business is not registered in USA, so technically you should not pay US federal and state taxes. But I suggest to consult a lawyer about possible taxes associated with EIN number.

  5. Hi, do I use a USA address or my home address when applying for the EIN? And is the application for a LLC or Sole proprietor business?

How to start using Stripe with Payoneer even if you’re not in the US

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