Heaven on Earth: 10 Most beautiful places on Earth You Must See!

Want to see heaven on earth? then visit these places.


Earth is the most beautiful planet in the whole universe. There are so many places that you all must see at least once in your life time. If you are thinking to travel around the world then this list will help you. Heaven actually exists on earth and these places will make you believe that.

1. Mau Cang Chai, Vietnammu-cang-chai-vietnam-cr-getty

Landscapes of Mau Cang Chai will take your breath away with their beauty. A must place to see terraced rice and mountains.

2. Venice, Italy


Venice, a city to fall in love; a city on water.

3. Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan


Ashikaga Park, Japan is a wonder of world in itself where you can see a perfect combination of pink and purple flowers during spring season. Not to miss on your travel list.

4. Procida, Italy


Seems like Italy has got few places to compete with the other beautiful wonders of world. Procida is located in Southern Italy between the two Islands Cape Miseno and Islands of Ischia. It looks alike that some one has painted the city with colors. You will see painted houses with different colors.

5. Lake Retba, Senegal


Lake Retba or should we call it “Pink Lake” creates a stunning and soothing view. Spring is the best time to see this lake.

6. Hunza Valley, Pakistan


Hunza Valley, Pakiskan a Perfect place to see heaven on earth.

7.  Giza, Egypt


How can we miss pyramids of Egypt? Giza, the most ancient city in the most ancient country.

8. Hispar Glacier, Pakistan


People who love hiking and want to explore new places than Hispar is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

9.  Oia Santorini, Greece


Santorini, Greece. Small huts beside sea shore, a place where culture resides truly within the people.

10. Ansoo Lake, Pakistan


Nothing can beat the beauty of this lake. This lake is nothing more than a wonder with a shape of a water drop. There are many interesting folk tales about this lake. Want to hear them? Then you need to pack up your bags and visit this place.

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