How To Upload Sharper HD Photos and Videos to Facebook from your Phone

Now you can get rid of distorted images, and can enjoy your high quality pictures on Facebook same as your Mobile Phone.


One can enable Sharper, High Resolution Uploads for Facebook Photos and Videos by just modifying some settings in your account that will empower the HD upload and you can effortlessly upload high quality images on your profile.

Conversion of file into High Quality

When a user shifts media from her/his phone to Facebook from the iOS or Android transportable application, the application is designed with cell information amicable settings that principally diminish the nature of your transfers. However, it is clearer with video i.e. transferal of versatile video with the default settings seems as though it was shot with a 2005-time’s flip mobile phone.

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Certainly, the low determination setting may be incredible for sharing information, however fully dreadful for quality. Fortunately, it’s quite simple to change quality of your media from the low determination default to the high determination “HD” setting.



The main shortcoming, as you may assume, is that you’ll expand your cell information utilization(you can say it consumes more internet MBs) by transferring the bigger HD documents.

How to Upload Sharper HD Photos and Videos to Facebook from your Phone

One major condition before we proceed: strangely enough the Facebook for Android versatile application doesn’t support HD video transfers (yet the Facebook portable site does). Given that Facebook’s Android application has dependably remained behind in elements, you may need to abandon it and start using the portable site. Follow the few easiest steps below to proceed.

How to Enable HD Uploads:

With only a short side trip into the settings menu, you can build the nature of your transfers in negligible minutes. While we’re utilizing Facebook for iOS here, you can apply similar changes to Facebook for Android as well. Dispatch the application and select the menu symbol in the lower corner.

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1. Go to the menu, select “Settings”.


2. A menu will pop up, there select  “Account Settings”.


3. After that, you need to select “Videos and Photos”, by scrolling the list of menu.

4. In the menu of “Videos and Photos” menu you will find its the default state, that is “Upload HD”, Just turn off both Video and Photo Settings.

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5. Toggle one or both of the settings ON, per your needs.


Now onward whenever you will upload new content from your mobile phone, the resolution of your photos and videos will be higher and your videos will not appear like they have been shot with 1990s-era’s camera.

So above discussion is all about How to Enable Sharper, High-Resolution Uploads for Facebook Videos and Photos, Follow the above-discussed steps and you can easily upload the sharper picture in your Facebook profile, Hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too.

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