In recent times the security specialists have confirmed that the hackers can now without any problem spy on you with your very own headphones. Don’t you think it sounds weird? Yeah, It does! But, it’s totally right, now hackers can surely and easily spy on you with your own “HEADPHONES”.

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Now Hackers Can Easily Spy On You With Your Headphones

With the amplified rapid growing technology and its potentials also rises the risk of hacking on them. We’ve seen everything and even some of use became victim this year, from how you can hack active accounts when paying with a credit card at a POS from which how a hacker can discover keys and passwords for the keys you enter, even in the midair how a drone is pirated. Are these expert hackings limitless or limited? Whatever is the true answer, for me It seems limitless, since headphones of the PCs are at risk.

It has been confirmed that hackers can spy on you via your headphones from the Experts of Ben Gurion University in Israel. Yes! It’s correct, now hackers can easily spy on you via your “HEADPHONES”.


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The rising question is how can a headphone be hacked exactly?

Answer to this Question is “They cannot”, but it is pirated by itself from the system to which they are connected. If you utilize the PC to play, or just you communicate through Skype, or even Hangouts, etc. surely you have a head-set with integrated microphone wire/cable or Bluetooth and what a bunch of investigators has discovered is that, those same headphones can be used to save, hack or record the communication of the ongoing chat.

“People don’t think about this privacy vulnerability, Even if you dettach your computer’s microphone, if you use headphones you can be recorded”, said by the research lead of Ben Gurion’s cyber security research labs, Mordechai Guri.

This video demonstrates how exactly conversations are being hacked!

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According to the WIRED reports “It’s no wonder that ear-buds can work as microphones in a pinch, as many of how-to YouTube videos exhibit. Just as the talkers in headphones convert electromagnetic signals into sound waves through a membrane’s vibrations, those membranes can also function in reverse, picking up sound vibrations and turning them back to electromagnetic signals”.

The professionals from Ben Gurion University in Israel have been practiced with the Real-Tek codecs, it is an audio technology executed in most market base plates, and professionals have also discovered that you can produce a malware attack directly to the ‘Retasking’ operation, the similar that enable the board to reconfigure its audio jacks that support many different types of peripherals and sound systems as the user requires to use.


Hence, the security researchers said that the “RealTek chips are so usual that the attack functions on practically any desktop system, whether it runs Windows or MacOS, and most laptops, too”. In this way, a hacker can have remote control of a PC and through the attacker can make alterations to the audio output of the headphone’s microphone.

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