Shafaat Ali is an other personality that is being viral on internet, he is known for impersonating all the main players in Pakistani politics, he is an extra ordinary case when it comes to acting and singing talent.

Shafaat Ali

If you think being enactor is his only forte, you’ll be amazed to know what else he has stored in his warehouse of mind for everyone. Heis an electrical architect by calling and a comic by decision, we see apparently Syed Shafaat Ali to wins hearts wherever with his startling drama.

This comedian will give Laughter Fits

When Shafaat Ali was asked by the Express Tribune to tell about himself he just said that “I was a complex, silent and very shy kid”. He was an engineering student from Peshawar, he was compelled by his brother to send his voice notes to a producers and composers and this is how it all began.

In 2006, Shafaat Ali appeared on Television in famous 4 Man Show where he used to make calls impersonating political leaders.

Shafaat Ali Getup during Aftab Iqbal’s Mimicry

In 2007 Fast forwardly, he made it bigger and emerged as journalist Shahid Masood on the series. There he Kept on working for about three and a half years. Then he proceeded up his game with BNN and made his mark more prominent in the Pakistan industry.

He also shared how variations came into his life after BNN and how it was for him. This is certainly an uphill task indeed, to be creative, innovative and bring out the best from one’s self. Shafaat said that “scripts, get-ups, everything required a lot of backbreaking work and practice“.

When he left Geo, he started his own production namely Mere Aziz Ham Watno. This production gave him a lot of room to be innovative. He claims it was definitely a satisfactory experience to do so.

First Video that went Viral

The most defining moment in his life was coming together with Tina Sani and Sheema Kermani at a event. Soon after, his video went viral within hours which Tina made, in which he was impersonating Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif.

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Here, Below is the video that Tina made and went viral and he became an over-night public sensation. “The age of TV has ended and the era of social media has started,” Shafaat Ali declares after realizing that a decade in TV didn’t bring him the fame the video did.

After it he shared his most amazing morning, he told how he woke up to a thousands of texts, messages and calls not knowing what actually had unfolded. “I had over 999  messages and requests, I didn’t know what hit what,” he said.

Have a look at his another video

In order to truly accept that social media rules today’s generation, he made a 30-second video in which he impersonated Bilawal. To his amaze, that too went viral and he surrendered to the power of the “new age”.

Shafat Ali’s Aims

With that being said, he shared that Moin Akhtar was his idol and he desired to go up that level of comedy one day. Not putting full stop there, Shafaat has been working hardly on Comedy for a Cause which aims to educate people about pertinent social issues and much more.

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It is an essential part to take major social causes seriously and I feel that comedy is an appropriate means of conveying your message across to a wide audience. People also need to take certain things lightly. Fanaticism should end, be it in terms of religion or politics,” he said.

Hilarious one:

After it Shafaat Ali mimic atif aslam at some other place. Wanna see? Here is the video

To add more, Shafaat also told that that the revival of awami comedy was definitely necessary as Pakistanis needed a fitting platform to showcase their talent. Comedians like Shafaat and his ilk are on their A game and have been striving to make sure that Pakistan’s comedy scene goes from strength to strength.

Here, check out his video:

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Ramsha Khan

Ramsha is a freelance writer, lives in Lahore, Pakistan.


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