Some time ago, Facebook introduced its new feature which was a Talent Recruitment tool. We are well aware of the worldly thing that everywhere; everyone is in competition with others. I also discussed many such competition like After Snapchat Facebook Introduced Snapchat-Like Features and Frames and many others which you can read at Lhe.io. Going with the flow, Instagram has come into the battle ring and introduced together two new marketing tools—stories insights in Business Tools and full-screen ads in stories.

Stories Insights in Business Tools

More than 150 million Instagram users use transient stories feature since it was launched last year. From all stories of Instagram, one-third of the them are seen from businesses. More than 70% of Instagram’s users follow businesses. Instagram Business Tools will be including insights on stories in the upcoming weeks. The business profiles will be getting 4 choices (as in options) for individual’s different stories within Business Tools: exits, impressions, reach and replies. It will be enabling the businesses to get a clue from the insights and they can acquire how to make more applicable content that reverberates with the audience.

Full Screen Ads in Stories

Another tool presented by Instagram is stories in full-screen ads. It simply states,

“In addition to viewing insights, you’ll soon be able to run immersive, full-screen ads in stories. Ads in stories will let you use targeting, reach and measurement capabilities that make your ads personally relevant to the people you want to reach—which is unmatched in a stories experience today.”

These tools will be supporting the businesses’ marketers in target marketing and will produce more and more revenue for Instagram. First of all, Instagram will be testing the ads feature with over 30 organizations which includes Netflix, Nike, Maybelline and many other renowned companies. A worldwide leader in lodging, Airbnb has been continuously making use of stories feature of Instagram in marketing and bringing awareness. Eric Toda, Airbnb Global Head of Social Marketing and Content, spoke,

“Immersive storytelling through Instagram Stories engages and invites our community to be part of an adventure. Instagram provides us the perfect tools to build awareness around our recently launched product Airbnb Experiences, handcrafted trips designed and led by our hosts,”

Along with business tools, these Instagram stories feature will be rolled out to every individual world-wide in upcoming weeks. Instagram has many other plans to make and introduce more of such enchanting features to its users in future.

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Ramsha Khan

Ramsha is a freelance writer, lives in Lahore, Pakistan.


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