Telenor is Pakistan’s 2nd largest cellular operator with about 37 million subscribers. It offers various calls and SMS packages so that you stay connected with your loved ones all the time.

In Pakistan, various cellular companies offers different call & SMS packages at different prices. But people always love those packages which offer low rates and fulfill their needs.

Telenor, being one of the most loving cellular service operator in the country, offers various call & SMS packages — daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly packages. Telenor Talkshawk has a wide range of daily and weekly call packages.

Talkshawk Daily Call Packages


Package Price Activation Code Detail
Good Time Offer Rs 5 incl. tax Dial *345*20# Unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours (except 6pm to 9pm)+200 MB Facebook
Full Day Offer Rs.12 incl. tax Dial *5*250# Unlimited Telenor calls
Saat se Saat Offer Rs. 8.50 incl.tax Dial *5*727# Unlimited on-net 7AM-7PM+20 MB+Unlimited SMS
Din Bhar Offer Rs.10 incl. tax Dial *345*006# 6 AM to 6 PM FREE calls+6MB
Super Hit Offer Rs.15 incl. tax Dial *345*011# Free Calls except 7pm-10pm
24 hr Poora Pakistan Offer Rs. 16.73 incl.tax Dial *345*24# Unlimited Telenor calls
2Paisa Daily Offer Rs.1.2 incl. tax Dial *020# Rs. 0.02/Sec (incl. Tax)

Talkshawk 3 Days Call Packages


Package Price Activation Code Detail
Din Bhar Offer Rs. 24.50 incl.tax Dial *345*626# 6 AM to 6 PM free calls
Super Hit Offer Rs. 34 inlc.tax Dial *345*299# Free calls except 7pm-10pm

Talkshawk Weekly Call Packages


Package Price Activation Code Detail
Haftawaar Chaappar phar Rs. 74 incl.tax Dial *5*700# 700 on-net mints+weekend free
2Paisa Weekly Offer Rs.4.78 inlc.tax Dial *345*227# 2 paisa/sec for all networks

Telenor Monthly Call Packages


Package Price Activation Code Detail
Mahana Rakhwala Offer Rs 418 incl.tax Dial *345*30# 3000 on-net mints+3000 SMS+300 MBs

Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages


Package Price Activation Code Detail
Daily SMS Bundle Rs 4 incl.tax Dial *345*116# 200 SMS for one day
Weekly SMS Bundle Rs 11 incl.tax Dial *345*117# 10000 SMS for 7 days
15 Day Economy SMS Bundle Rs 14.5 incl.tax Dial *345*112# 600 SMS for 15 days
5 Day SMS Bundle Rs 7 incl.tax Dial *345*015# 300 SMS for 5 days

Above are the details of Telenor Talkshawk daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly call and SMS packages. If you find anything incorrect, don’t forget to check at Telenor Talkshawk official website.

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