Toyota is well known for its vehicles in Pakistan.Recently Toyota is working on a rechargeable 3-wheeled car named i-Road. This car is very much compact in size.It is 7 feet in length 3 feet in width. Due to its compact size its makes the city roads wider and car parking so easy.It can accommodate 2 passengers at a time and have a speed of 37 mile/hr. Its one time charge is enough for 31 miles journey.



It gives the convenience of a motorbike and comfort and stability of a car while maintaining the balance as well as have a roof top over.It is as easy to use as a motorbike, but without fear of getting wet in rain, and no need to wear a helmet.  Anyone can drive Toyota i-Road safely and comfortably. Moreover, this car is very environment friendly with zero CO2 emission.

Uptill now it was a concept car from Toyota but now Toyota has performed the experiments in Japan and France and collected the results. Soon, Toyota is going to present it for sale in international market including Pakistan .

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Tayyaba Irshad
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