C++ is one of the high level languages with which all the programmers of the world are well familiar as it is the fundamental language of programming. It is the C language’s advanced version with object orientation. In today’s article, I will be discussing about it’s another advanced version that is newer version C++ 17 and probably it will release in 2017.

Development of C++

A Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup, who was most famous for the foundation and development of the broadly used C++ programming language, introduced C++ 33 years ago and for this particular invention, he definitely deserves our huge salute.

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Need of New Features

As far as you make it simple, C++ is a fine and rationally modern object-oriented language that is yet quite closer to the machine structural design to create programs that execute about as efficiently as possible.

But all the computer’s programming languages require to be updated time by time. In the situation of C++, New features and characteristics have to be announced in a way in which they don’t interrupt existing programs. This has led to in a less-than-perfect development of the language, where there is every so often more than one approach of attaining the same result.

C++ 17

It has been debated in Oulu, Finland, at the latest standards meeting, where the definite and ultimate features’ list of C++ has been decided. The new C++ 17 standards are announcing new characteristics and features like if initializers and structured bindings, making this old and vintage programming language’s “feature complete”.

The C++ communal is calling C++17 the initiative of a new era that will carry influential technical specifications and overcome the identified problems. The non-C++17 characteristics and features will be out later as Add-Ons in future announcements.


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C++ 17 Features

Below the list of the features that C++ 17 will have:

  • C++17 is based on C11
  • Inline variables
  • A weaker version of fixed order-of-evaluation for expressions
  • Template argument deduction for class templates
  • Dynamic memory allocation for over-aligned data
  • Guaranteed copy elision
  • Forward process guarantees (FPG)
  • Structured bindings
  • if (init; condition) and switch (init; condition)
  • constexpr if


According to the community debate of C++, the major advancement targets to make C++ an easier language that can function with and bring powerful technical specifications along with it.

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Ramsha Khan

Ramsha is a freelance writer, lives in Lahore, Pakistan.


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