Eat healthy: Stay wealthy and wise!

balanced diet and exercise can lead you towards health, wealthiness and also make you active.


Eating healthy is very important for our body and our mind.  There is a perception of people or better to call it a “Myth” that eating healthy incorporates restriction on what you like to eat. But it is wrong because eating healthy means “to have a balanced diet”. which includes a right amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, iron, vitaminsminerals, etc. When you eat healthy, your mind works properly and there would be no wrong in saying that “staying healthy will lead you to wealthiness“. Eating healthy does not mean that you do not have to work out or do not have to do exercise.

Exercise is as important as having a balanced diet. Exercise keeps you active and it increases your immune power. Most people relate exercise as an exhausted activity. They think that exercise will only make them tired but they are wrong. Exercise helps to burn your fats out and helps you to lose weight.

Here are few steps that you can follow to become healthy. wealthy and wise:


Food is the basic need of our body. It is the major source for staying healthy, active and to avoid illness. following are some suggestions about how you can eat healthy food by keeping it balanced:

 Green vegetables

Green vegetables are rich source of iron, vitamin K, E, C, A, potassium, calcium etc. it is better that you eat at least one green vegetable in a day. You can eat Cucumber, Capsicum, Cabbage, broccoli, green beans and other green vegetables as well. Just eat what ever you like to eat in greens.

Naturally sweet veggies

Sweet vegetables include carrot, carrots, turnip, corns, beets, onions. These vegetables are naturally sweet so cutting of the sugar will no longer be an issue. These vegetables will naturally fulfill your sugar requirements and sugar cravings.



Talking about balanced diet and we will miss fruits? that is not going to happen. Fruits are rich source of providing energy. they are tasty and they will build your immune strong like you all have heard ” An apple a day keeps a doctor way

*interesting fact:

  • Berries help to fight cancer
  • oranges are good for your skin
  • White pomegranate  increase white blood cells.
  • Apple juice is a natural medicine for the patients who are suffering from “dengue Fever”.
  • Grapes help to reduce weight.
  • Banana helps to protect against developing 2 type diabetes.

Eat fruits in order to get number of benefits for your skin, immunity system, weight loss. Why you need to use artificially made supplements when you have fruits!You can buy organic fruits and vegetables without going to the market by just using this website

*disclaimer: only for people who reside in Lahore.


Meat is also an essential part of your food. Red meat is rich in protein, Fish provide you with Omega-3. Eat safe and healthy meat. Basically your platter should looks like this:


Instead of this:




To stay healthy exercise is a must thing. Exercise will not only shape your body in a better way but also give you a piece of mind Here are some exercises that you can do easily to stay healthy:

Walk or Jog





To play any sport is also count as exercise.


You can also keep track of your calories and diet by using these amazing apps:

  1. Lose it
  2. My fitness pal
  3. Calorie count and Diet tracker
  4. Fooducate
  5. Nutright

Staying healthy, taking care of yourself is not going to cost you. In fact it will help you to gain fitness, happiness and an active mind. Liking it to wealthiness is that if you will stay fit you can focus on your work in a right way and in the end the reward will be exceptional. On the beginning, of new year make resolution of staying healthy and fit.

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