Dance, Music & Food: Länderabend Pakistan at Saarland University

It was all fun, wow!

Länderabend Pakistan

Länderabend Pakistan (Pakistan evening) event was held at University of Saarland, Germany on Friday evening. It is a traditional event at Saarland University that provides an opportunity to foreign students to showcase their country’s culture, food, and music. The Pakistani students at Saarland University organized this event that was attended by a large number of local and foreign students.

The Beginning

The event started with a short introduction of Pakistan: the geographical location of the country, the famous individuals in Pakistan and a brief speech about each province. This was followed by a couple of dance performances on Blochi & Punjabi music.

And here comes the famous Punjabi Bhangra! Weldon, guy!

And then there was live song performance:

The Food

If there is a Pakistani event and no traditional food is served, that is impossible. Thanks to organizer team who prepared very delicious traditional Pakistani dishes such as Beryani (my all time favorite, lol), Pakoras (it was worth eating, wow), Gulab Jamun (who doesn’t like it?), boiled rice with vegetable sauce (for vegetarian students) etc. I must admit  that the food was tasty and everyone enjoyed eating it.



… and back to music!

Just after the food was served, the momentum was shifted back to music again. This time, it was just music and dance for next one hour at least. It was indeed entertaining to watch local & foreign students dancing on Qawali & Punjabi songs.

Event Highlights

Following are some of my favorite snaps from yesterday’s event.


[boombox_one_half] Image[/boombox_one_half][boombox_one_half] Image[/boombox_one_half][/boombox_row]


The Sindhi dude!



.. and there were few who just came for food :P


Look closely, and what do you spot first? Hint: the front guy :P


.. last but not least ..

Thanks to Google Photos for creating this epic GIF (no offence intended).

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