Literature is very important part of life. Professional studies are necessities to earn but literature brings life within yourself. It is something which you can relate with your present feelings. The second Faiz international festival took place in Lahore at Alhamra arts council. Many known personalities participated in this festival and expressed their thoughts regarding to literature and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

The words that Faiz had spoken or write are so much powerful and it is very astonishing that these words are still relate able in this era of modernism. The ambiance of this festival was so much mesmerizing. In simple words, a perfect place for a poet or for a person who likes literature. Faiz’s poetry has goals and it diverts you towards the search of your own spiritual goals and ambition. He was truly a genius poet who knew how to play with the reader’s imagination in a very beautiful way.

Faiz international festival was organized by Faiz Foundation Trust and Faiz Ghar. It is a non profit initiative that was started to recognize and highlight Faiz work. A good step taken by this foundation, Pakistani literature is our heritage and it is our duty to highlight their work and messages. We have and had so many extraordinary and genius poets. Their poetry will take you to the spiritual trip and you will find yourself a different person.

Fawad Khan, Adeel hashmi ( Grandson of Faiz) , Sameena Perzada, Samiya Mumtaz, Seemi Raheel. These celebrities were also  invited as a guests.  Fawad Khan recited Faiz’s poetry and talked about his failures and his strengths. There were number of activities organized by the management to indulge the audience. Panel discussion was also organized to talk upon different issues such as freedom of speech, impact of class politics, side effects of nationalism etc.

Adeel hashmi ended the discussion by reciting the poem “Kuch ishq kia kuch kaam kia“. This festival was a treat for the lovers of poetry and for those who wants to read some quality poetry.

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Amna Maqsood


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