UN Women Pakistan: I am unbeatable!

UN Women Pakistan's video is going viral over social media. #BeatMe


UN Women Pakistan is an non-profit organization working for women rights around Pakistan.  This organization is basically UN WOMEN which works for the rights of women around the globe. This time UN Women Pakistan has came up with a very strong message for all the racist people who think women are slaves of their commands. Here is the video with such a strong message. Have a look!


This short video features many strong and powerful women of Pakistan. This video is going viral over the internet. Pakistan is an under develop country and there is no word of doubt that Pakistani women are facing problems regarding to gender inequality, sexual harassment and violence. To all the racists men who think that beating women is a “manly act” then they are wrong. If they want to beat them, then start beating them in the fields where they are beating you! Beat them in athletics, beat them in professional studies, and on the top of this beat them when they are giving life.

UN Women Pakistan has taken really an appreciable step to promote awareness about the the rights of women. Every woman in this country has a right to live equally with man. This video will surely boost your emotions and will make you do something for women rights.

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Amna Maqsood


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