Bataclan Theatre,Paris was closed when it was being attacked by Daesh on 13th November,2015 and 130 people were killed in Paris attacks. Bataclan Theatre is now newly renovated and opened again for the people. At the opening ceremony a singer Sting sang the song “InshAllah” for raising hope in people and remember the people who died in Paris attacks.

The word “InshAllah” is from Arabic and means: “God’s Will”. So, the song was to bring hope and love for the families of people died in Paris attacks.



Sting explained his motive behind the song that its all about to keep hope alive and bring courage back to families who are refugee or victim of any kind of terrorism. There will come a day that we all will live a life that we would love. It will be full of peace.

Lyrics of the song are about a refugee family,a couple with a child in a boat in the sea searching for a peaceful place:

Sleeping child, on my shoulder,
Those around us, curse the sea.
Anxious mother turning fearful,
Who can blame her, blaming me?Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will, it shall come to pass.
Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will…As the wind blows, growing colder,
Against the sad boats, as we flee,
Anxious eyes, search in darkness,
With the rising of the sea.Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will, it shall come to pass.
Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will…Sea of worries, sea of fears,
In our country, only tears.
In our future there’s no past,
If it be your will, it shall come to pass.Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will, it shall come to pass.
Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will…

Lyrics Courtesy: AZlyrics.

On Twitter, its trending right now with . Some are praising the message behind the song and some are taking it as a crticism to Islam as Daesh present itself an Islamic group. Some are criticizing Sting for using an Arabic word for its song lyrics, they mention that he has no sympathy for the victims of Paris attacks.However, its not about hate speech.Its all about spreading love and peace for all, as we all are humans. And If its Allah’s will,it will also pass, we all should hope for peace and love!

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