Apple’s mac book pro with a touch strip!

Apple's mac book pro is the first laptop with a touch strip

Optimus was a conceptual keyboard designed by a Russian design studio over a decade ago. That keyboard had very interesting feature. It had QWERTY standard design but the interesting and amazing factor was that every key had screen on it which could be changed an instant and gave each app its very own perfect layout. The sad thing was that no one got success full in bringing this concept into real world.

Apple is known as the “father of innovation” and that is what Apple is been doing for many years. Apple’s new mac book pro has the same concept based touch bar. Mac book pro is the first laptop that has this incredible technology. In other words, Apple has tried to bring this dream into reality. So the question is how this keyboard works? In mac book pro individually every key is not programmable but instead there is a touch bar/ touch strip at the top replacing function keys.

Touch strip has buttons and also have digital controls to the familiar physical keys. According to team of Apple, they see this touch bar as an extension of keyboard. Yes! it is an extension for every keyboard and  in future it has potential to replace all the keys with touch screen interface.  The touch bar is of silver color, this bar is little complex to use. This is the area which displays all the different buttons and controls whatever you or which app you have opened. According to some users, they are finding it difficult to use and it slows down upon doing some complex tasks.

Touch bar is so useful and easy to use when doing some simple tasks like using escape button, muting the sound etc. As far as complexity is concern then this bar is just a software and it will be keep on updating. Eventually, this “complexity” problem will be shoot away from this touch strip.

Apple is surely doing great job in bringing innovation into this real world. This is the beginning of new era of the world of tech and Apple is doing its best to keep its position high in this new world.

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