In September, GitHub introduced a bunch of new tools & features including a project management tool to make it easier for the developers to collaborate with contributors. Now, the company has decided to extend its project management tools to support entire organizations.

The Projects tool will allow organizations and their members to view all issues and pull requests from their respective repositories at one place in Kanban-style board. So the organizations will be able to plan and manage their work across different repositories with ease. The organization managers will also be able to hide issues and pull requests from users they don’t want to have access to.


You can also set up the boards as per your choice to assign each column to represent a specific phase in your project (such as ‘todo’, ‘must-have features’, ‘bugs’, and ‘enhancements’). You can then drag and drop issues and pull requests into these columns and assign priority to them.

It is important to mention that GitHub houses millions of open-source projects. This news is particularly good for all the major companies and teams that invites developers to work with them remotely on open-source projects. One such example is Microsoft, that has the highest number of open-source contributors on its platform from across the globe, even ahead of Facebook and Google.

Introducing Projects for Organizations on GitHub

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