Apple killed MacBook Air with a cheaper MacBook Pro

The MacBook Air is dead.

Apple MacBook Pro

MacBook Air is officially dead since yesterday. Apple has announced that it is going to discontinue MacBook Air production and will replace it with a more affordable MacBook Pro model. Long live the MacBook Pro!

So what would be the difference between MacBook Air and (slightly) affordable 13-inch MacBook Pro? First, Apple has introduced two ThunderBolt 3 ports, replacing the old USB ports. The processor is also upgraded to Skylake, which has a far more good performance when it comes to graphically intensive applications.

MacBook Pro

Apple has also upgraded graphics for MacBook Pro. It now comes with 13.3-inch Retina display, backed up by Intel Iris 540 Graphics chip. It also includes the second generation butterfly keyboard mechanism, as well as a Force Touch trackpad. Noticeably absent is Touch ID on the lower-end 13.3-inch variant.

This model is priced at $1,499. Still costly… hmm?

Apple’s decision to retire 11-inch MacBook Pro was not a surprise. The company wants to focus more on entry-level Retina MacBook models with low cost and more features.  Japanese site Mac Otakara was the first who reported the discontinuation of the 11-inch MacBook Air.

Apple will continue to sell MacBook Air laptops until stocks last, but surely there won’t be any new production.

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