Samsung has started a refund program for Galaxy Note 7 buyers in Pakistan. Anyone who had bought Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in Pakistan can now claim a complete refund or exchange it with another Samsung mobile phone inside the country.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is no more secret to anyone following the reports that it started catching fire due to exploding batteries. The Korean company has started a recall program worldwide and is offering its customers to get complete refund or exchange it with one of its other smartphone.

Although, Samsung didn’t formally launch Note 7 in Pakistan, but for those customers who had pre-booked from Samsung retailers or had bought Note 7 from local vendors in Pakistan, the company has offered them to get a refund from their respective retailers. The company also asked them to back up their data and switch off the smartphones before returning it.

Samsung has given two choices to customers in Pakistan:

Get a full refund

Customers who will show a proof of purchase for their Galaxy Note 7 will be entitled to complete refund of the amount mentioned on the receipt.

In case, a customer has no purchase receipt, the company will refund a fixed amount of $817.

Exchange with Galaxy S7 Edge

Another option available for Note 7 customers is to exchange their smartphones with the company’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 edge and get a refund of Rs. 10,000 in addition.

For those customers who pre-book the smartphone, the company has advised them to contact their relevant retailers to get a refund.

For the interested customers need any further help, the company has asked to do following:

For any questions or queries about the Galaxy Note7 and the replacement and refund policy, kindly contact on 0800-72678 (open 9:00am to 9:00pm / 7 days per week

Updated Consumer Guidance for the Galaxy Note7 on Samsung Paksitan

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