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While Samsung is still explaining the causes behind Samsung Note 7 incidents. As these incidents were occurred due to the flaws in the phone’s battery. According to company, The battery was too big to fit into the too small casing which can not safely secure an electrode assembly inside the phone. It is also revealed that now people will also have to wait more for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch. Yes! During an interview Chief of Samsung Mobile, Koh Dong-Jin confirmed that Samsung will not unveiled its new Galaxy S8 at World Mobile Congress’17. World Mobile Congress is largest gathering where everyone from the mobile industry participate and show off their new innovative smart phones. World Mobile Congress 2017 will held at Barcelona on February 27-March 2,2017.

Koh Dong-Jin said, “Samsung confirm that the company will not unveil the flagship product at World Mobile Congress this year.” We all know that Samsung has to face brand crisis  due to its Note 7 and the company is totally relaying on its  S7 Edge and Galaxy S7.  It is also reported that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched by the company may be in late April this year but not at the congress. Samsung is undoubtedly a tech giant but Note 7 has black shadowed its brand image. But the company is predetermined to regain its image. Koh Dong stated, “The lesson of this incident are deeply reflected in our culture and process. Samsung Electronics will be working hard to regain its customer trust.”  Talking more about Samsung Galaxy S8, it is rumor that this new smart phone has edge-to-edge screen which does not have any home screen button and also has dual lens camera. Galaxy S8 will be available in two models with two different screen sizes. More interestingly, company might introduce an AI voice recognition assistant like Siri in iPhone. This new smartphone is like a new hope in disguise for the company.

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